Rocker Chic // My Newest Faux Fur

Due to our normally warmish winters here in Socal I get pretty darn excited when it gets “cold.” For me that means sub 60’s – so I can layer up!ย  I bought 2 new coats last year because Express was basically giving their stuff away around Thanksgiving and because I was going to Houston for Christmas.

While it ended up being warmer in TX than in Escondido, I’ve actually been able to wear them quite a bit since this winter has been pretty cold (for us) and quite wet! Yes, I know I probably sound like a crazy person lol. But this work from home girl jumps at the chance to wear her cute stuff!

My first instinct for styling this fabulous coat was to get all fancy-like; perhaps with a sexy, but classy maxi dress. But that’s too obvious., right? I decided to try my hand at a dressed down, cool girl look and I have to say I dig it! The red lip and the statement necklace made all the difference.

Unfortunately this coat sold out super fast (everyone loved it!), but since faux fur is so big right now you can both spare our furry friends andย get a coat that looks uber luxe for way less money than real fur. This one is tres chic and only $70 right now. And this lovely number is only $109 full price! This fun pink one is under $30!

Everyone needs a band tee IMO and I’ve had great luck finding those at F21 and AE.

This statement necklace has been on my jewelry rack for a long time so I jumped at the chance to wear it, but I can also see this look being just as good with some major earrings. Perhaps these? And OMG how adorable are these? Don’t they just scream summertime?!

This is a great time to buy cold weather gear as most stores are clearing space for spring stuff. This FP pom pom beanie is super cute and on sale!

Are you as obsessed with faux fur as I am? How would you style this coat? Let me know in the comments! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a wonderful day my lovelies!

XO, Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Pleated Midi // Trying New Things

First things first, I love this outfit. That being said, holy boobs! I knew I was taking myself out of my comfort zone when I decided to leave the house in this low cut look, but I really underestimated how revealing this dress would be when left unsnapped.

*BTW, this trench is no longer offered in pink, but they have other 5 awesome colors and they all are only $70 right now (60% discount!)! The faux leather details are such a luxe touch.

Knowing from experience that everything new feels a little weird at first (like getting used to seeing myself with lipstick, it was so weird in the beginning and now I feel somewhat naked without it!) I figured a little bit of bra peeking out a la Carrie Bradshaw could be a good thing.

In my mirror at home this ensemble looked a little daring and I thought the pop of my pink bra underneath the dress would just add a little visual interest. Now that I’ve had a chance to see this look from multiple angles – and move around more – I am 100% sure I will not leave the house with this much boob exposed going forward. Live and learn right?!

I try oh-so very hard to be body positive as I am profoundly grateful for my healthy body. Unfortunately, this boobylicious look ended up working against me – I think the exposed girls actually make me look bigger than I am.ย  The tan lines definitely don’t help either.

Like the other dress by this brand that I shared in my last post, the snap on the bust just wouldn’t close so I let it be. At least now I know it’s a bit too much left open so I’ll just have a seamstress adjust where the little button closure sits. Et voila! No more worries of wardrobe malfunctions ๐Ÿ˜‰ But for anyone that saw me that day, you’re welcome! Haha

From the online reviews it did seem like ladies of all bust sizes struggled with the snap being a little off in its placement so here are some other options that have a little more coverage – no snap required (1, 2, 3).

Remember – fashion is supposed to be fun. So don’t be afraid to play around a bit!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsh

Well, that’s probably enough for today. Happy 2019 (!!) and please come back and see me again soon! Also feel free to leave me a comment or send me a message if there’s something you’d like me to do a post about, I’m open!

Much love!!


Photo credit: Sarah Jordan

New Brand Discovery // Wrap Dresses Forever!!

It’s weird that I never heard of this brand until now. 1.STATE makes some killer stuff and has apparently been around since 2014. I’m glad I found it now (!!) as I scored this awesome dress and anther stunning wrap dress by the same brand (70% off and a STEAL at under $50 right now) over Thanksgiving weekend. I scored some great deals laying sick in bed ๐Ÿ˜‰

Is this not the cutest dress?! I tell you I am in luuurve! This look turned out great, but I also plan to wear it with a structured sweater on top and slightly more rugged booties, with my pink suede moto jacket, sexed up with my OTK boots, and also with my nude INC ankle strap block heels and go-to clutch/cross body. Oh the versatility!

This brand seems to run just a little small. I got this in a 12 – the bigger end of the range for me – and it still doesn’t button at the top. My “ladies” fluctuate in size so I didn’t want to go a full size up; instead I threw on a lace cami underneath. I also really like the idea of a lace bodysuit as a base layer.

I was also looking at these updated dickies as an alternative since you can’t also do a full slip or tank under certain dresses. I’ll let you know if I give them a wirl ๐Ÿ˜‰

This clutch (similar) is a style every girl should have. It’ll be in style forever!

The ruffles give it such a nice, flattering shape, no? I highly recommend wrap dresses to ALL women – that kind of forgiving accentuation of the waist is so good on just about everybody!

I love a good black tight (the BEST for the value)/black boot look. And I feel like the hat was the perfect finishing touch.

It’s selling out fast so buy this dress here and here while you still can!

Later party people! Thanks for visiting ๐Ÿ™‚

XO, Kate

Photo Credit: Leo Amar

Desert Excursions // Cyber Monday

The hubs and I like to take little getaways to the desert from time to time as they are pretty easy/close, low budget, and a lot of fun! I figured why not share some of the highlights with y’all…

Salvation Mountain (just east of the Salton Sea and about a hour and a half from Palm Springs):

Leonard Knight started building this art piece out of local adobe clay and donated paint in 1984 and it’s still being maintained to this day. It’s super fragile so if you do visit please be very careful to “follow the yellow brick road” as the signs request to keep it from being damaged.

It’s pretty inspiring what one man’s vision can create. There’s so much more at the site than what these pictures show. I’d say my favorite part of this little gem is the overall message – love is what’s really important.

Who knew this place was such a tourist trap?! Leo had been to Salvation Mountain last year on a moto trip, but I’d never been so we stopped by during out last little getaway. I was pretty surprised to see how many people were there – we even saw a photo shoot in progress. Many of the visitors did not appear to be from the states so I guess the word is out!

If you’d like to read more about this beautiful tribute to God/love check out the official site here.

Galleta Meadows (Borrego Springs):

We have actually been to this spot a few times and somehow it never gets old. It covers quite a large area and there are statues of all kinds of things.

You can explore the area best on foot, on a motorcycle, or in a vehicle that can handle some off road action, but there are plenty of things to see if you don’t even leave the main paved road.

Now for some of the fashion: AE is the place for flannels/plaid shirts in my book. The one I’m wearing here is a little old, but here’s the current selection and I highly recommend the ones labeled Ahh-Mazingly Soft, like this one (50% off today). They so are!! They are basically PJ’s you can wear in public.

The boots are also super old, but here’s the current version. Don’t be scared by the high price tag, these boots are very high quality and will last sooo long. I have a few pairs and they are investments even when on sale, but the cost per wear (see my blog post on the subject for more info) can be quite low over time.

Frye was founded in 1863 and they are the oldest continuously operated American shoe company. They know how to make a quality boot/shoe! I’m planning to re-sole mine at some point to keep them in rotation.

More info on this spot here

And our new ride (she handled those desert roads like a champ!!):

Guess who got her free pair of jeans (40% off and free shipping right now!)ย  from American Eagle via their rewards program AEO Connected?! This girl!

I love this pair of high rise jeggings; as always they are ever so stretchy and of course I also love the suck-you-in quality that comes with a higher rise, ha!

They also have the perfect amount of distressing IMO

I’ve been wearing this striped tank (only $3.99 and free shipping today!) a lot lately as it’s a great layering piece and it’s the perfect length for my high and mid rise jeans – no need to tuck!

American Rag makes really cute and affordable outerwear. Here are some of my top picks: similar, stars, classic utility. I used to wonder if I should be embarrassed for shopping in the juniors section at this point in life, but now I say forget the rigid rules and do what makes you happy (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else of course).

These booties are way old as well, but see similar booties by the same brand here. A little pop of red is always nice ๐Ÿ™‚

For my American friends: I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

I am grateful for each and every one of you (no matter where you live). As always thanks for visiting and please come back soon!

Much love, Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Enjoying the Now // Band Tees (30% off all AE tops thru 10/17 – no code needed)

I have been all about the band tees lately. Not only are they easy to wear and comfortable, but they up the cool factor of any outfit. I’ve been wearing them a lot lately when I hike as they protect my decolletage from the sun.

The tee I’m wearing in this shot is actually a somewhat older purchase so I didn’t see it online, but this one is pretty darn similar and on sale! Lucky Brand always has good options and I especially want this one as I have a powerful love for Freddie Mercury.

Macy’s is also a great place to find affordable band tees. This one looks uber comfy. And I’ve also had good luck with the graphic tees from AE. One bit of advice – get the tee of a band you actually like. I once bought a Joy Division tee from Urban Outfitters and I didn’t even realize what it was and it led to a few embarrassing moments! Haha.

Personally, I think AE makes the best affordable jeans and shorts. These shorts are quite old, but if I were to buy a pair now I’d buy these midis. I love the distressing.

Side note: did you know that American Eagle’s reward program – AEO Connected – now gives you a free pair of jeans after you purchase 5 pairs? Iย  got an email about it the other day and it made me way too happy lol. I think this is a much better benefit than getting a $15 off or 20% off coupon or something similar. I just love the idea that I can go into an AE store or jump online and grab a completely free pair of jeans. Thanks AE!!

I don’t always pair booties with shorts (Leo asked me during this blog shoot if “people” wear boots with shorts, ha!), but they definitely add to the edgy factor so for this look they just made sense. I bought these booties to replace and old pair and I like them even better! The heel height is perfect for walking all day, the wide ankle opening doesn’t pinch, and the texture of the leather is just so good! I might even have to buy the other version in brown.

Sometimes I’ll put on an outfit and feel like it’s missing something. In this case it needed a little color so adding a scarf to my bag gave it a little extra visual interest. When it gets cooler you can add a layer, but until then it’s best to get creative with one’s accessories. I could have also worn the scarf around my neck or wrist or added some bold jewelry or a hat. It’s all about the details!

Deep thought of the week: right now we’re experiencing that time of year where the temps can still climb to 80 or more, yet it never feels all that hot. So as much as I want to break out my sweaters and layer it up it’s not quite time. So instead of lamenting the fact that it’s not yet “cold enough” I’m looking at it as an opportunity to enjoy some last minute beach trips and wear my summer clothes.

I’ve been noticing more and more lately that many of us spend a huge amount of time wishing things were different. Have you noticed that even when things are awesome the mind wants us to find imperfections? Wishing we were somewhere else/doing something else can be a real fun-sucker. When we’re not in the here and now we miss so much. So my goal is to find the perfection in every moment, no matter the circumstances – aim high, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

THANK YOU for stopping by! Smell ya later!


Photo Credit: Leo Amar

The Perfect Maxi Dress // Get it While It’s Dirt Cheap

Hello my loves! This dress is on sale right now for a steal (60% off!) so I had to let y’all know before they all sell out.ย  I highly recommend it in any of the colors as it is crazy comfy, flattering, looks great layered – hello fall! – and best of all, you likely won’t need to wear a bra!

The “gold” version is gorgeous too, but sadly it’s sold out in most sizes at Macy’s. Luckily you can still get it from here (just not as great of a price).But hey, try putting it on your Shoptagr list and if it does go on sale you’ll be the first to know!

Please excuse the not-so-great/blurry pictures, we tried a new setting on my camera due to the cloudy day. Sadly none of the shots really came out right. Learning experience!

Funny side note: I wore this to a concert not too long ago saw another girl wearing it in white. It’s popular for a reason!

If you take advantage of this deal I’d love to hear if you love it as much as I do! Ok, I’m off to buy it in black ๐Ÿ˜‰

Much love,


Photo credit: Leo Amar

Coffee Break in OB

I love my friend Sarah’s place in Ocean Beach so much. I head there most weekends and it’s always a fun day! OB is such a nice little community – you can walk or scoot around everywhere and the vibe is so chill. Whenever I’m there I love taking a few minutes to sit outside on her little patio and enjoy the sights and smells of her cute little beach town. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

I’ve been with Leo since I was 19 and we moved to San Diego from Camarillo together so I’ve never had a “real” roommate; weird huh?! While I am super happy with where life has taken me, sometimes I feel like I missed out on that experience so I love that when I go to Sarah’s place I get to feel a bit like we’re roomies. The best of both worlds!

OB is much more a flip flops kind of town than a heels town, but I give zero sh*ts. I wear what I want! Lol. Many of my friends think I’m crazy for wearing heels so often, but they make me happy so whatevs! Of course in order for me to commit to wearing heels all day they have to be comfortable.

So of course I got another pair of these amazing shoes when they got marked down. With all the use my black pair is getting it seemed prudent ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s crazy how comfortable they are once they’ve been broken in! I love how they go with everything and the embellished version (on sale!) would be so good for a wedding or fancy-ish event.

Why downgrade a cute outfit with something like flip flops/flats? A midi dress really does need at least a little heel to be as flattering as possible and when it comes to comfort and style the block heel is the clear winner in my book.

Looking good starts with feeling good, so you won’t (often) catch me teetering around on crazy high stilettos, but a not-too-high block heel like this one is the perfect middle ground.

BTW you can still find this tote, which is AWESOME, a few places online. Here’s the link to the black and black cherry versions on Amazon and here’s a gently used one on Poshmark if your budget is a little tight. That’s actually where I got mine – for a steal!

This dress was a random Forever 21 buy and it’s become a real favorite. There’s nothing better than an easy to wear, flattering dress! Sadly this one is way too old to be online anymore, but I found these dresses that share some of the same details: 1, 2, 3, 4. This dress isn’t really very similar, but it’s so darn cute!!

I’m really loving this cooler weather that we’ve been having; fall is (almost) in the air! I even wore a sweater last night after the Florence and the Machine concert. So many people seem to lament the end of summer, but I always get excited to start layering my dresses with sweaters and jackets. This one would be SO good with a chunky Free People Sweater. This cardi would also be a great topper for days in the office.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to transition my work from home closet to an office appropriate wardrobe as I’ll likely be working in one next year. They just announced that my employer, Humana, will be outsourcing coaching next year. It definitely came as a shock, but I’m actually getting really excited about what’s next.

Change is always at least a little scary and it’s easy to fear the future, but I am absolutely positive that this all happened for the best. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments of doubt – mainly in the wee hours of the morning for some reason – but I know from experience that everything happens for a reason and in hindsight the reasons for everything becomes clear. You might remember than in a post from early this year I mentioned I was working on trusting myself and life, so thanks God/universe for the practice!

After 7+ years of working by myself, in PJ’s or workout clothes, I’m actually really looking forward to being around more people, wearing more of my clothes, and just being out of the house more! Haha. So you’ll likely be seeing more office ready looks in the months to come. Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by my friend! Have a great one!

XO, Kate

Photo credit: Sarah Jordan

Easy Summer Look // Mimi Chica

I actually took these photos quite a while ago, but this dress never came online until now. I’m so glad it did because OMG this has become my absolute favorite so of course I wanted to share it with y’all!

Let me explain why this dress is SO good: First, it is crazy soft! I will admit this has served as my PJ’s quite a few times and it is also the perfect road trip/post bike ride dress. Since it just sips over your head it has no zippers or (working) buttons to mess with. However, the decorative buttons have a nice slimming effect – as does the subtle chevron stripe pattern.

It’s just so easy to wear and keeps you cool on a hot day, plus I’ve found it looks pretty good without a bra, which is nice when you just want to lounge around the house – but still look great of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don’t think this dress looks quite as good online as it does in person – perhaps due to the moirรฉ effect, where lines on screen can look like theyโ€™re moving (have you ever heard of this phenomenon?). Hope I didn’t make you too dizzy!

I had a conversation with a friend just yesterday (hey Belen!) about cost per wear and I realized I’ve never touched on this in le blog.ย  I first heard about this concept from What Not to Wear and it’s been invaluable to me. The idea is to take the cost of the item and divide it by how often you estimate you’ll wear it.

For example, I bought this beauty in store on impulse and at $44 it was certainly not crazy expensive, but it wasn’t on “my list” of things I would like to buy. So I had to think this one through a bit. These days clothes don’t tend to last decades, but I figured I would wear it 20 times – at the very least.

That means the cost per wear for this dress is $2.20 per wear. Contrast that with a pricier item (e.g. a Free People dress I bought for $80 and have worn about 5 times, $16 cost per wear). You can see how it kind of levels the playing field – similar to the cost per unit numbers you’ll see on grocery store shelves. Now I know I will for sure surpass 20 wears so I’m feeling really good about this buy.

Sometimes I’m OK with a higher coast per wear, if it’s something that makes me feel amazing. It just depends, but this is a great way to evaluate the worth of something you’re considering buying. Does this make sense to you? Do you ever do this or am I just waay too into clothes? Haha!

I can’t stop wearing this hat btw – I’ve been bringing it with me to the beach for ample shade and throwing it on whenever I’ll be out in the sun for a while. It’s seriously perfection! Just don’t get it wet as it is made of straw and can lose some of its shape. I did this myself (oops!) and was able to get it looking good again by re-wetting it and placing a heavy item on the brim while it dried. Good as new!

FYI I also found this dress by the same brand and I want it too!

We all have things we wear pretty much all the time, what’s yours?

Much love, Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Mixing Things Up // Tahoe Trip

Hello my wonderful friends! Since I enjoy the travel posts from my favorite bloggers I thought I’d give it a try and share my recent trip to Lake Tahoe and some other really fun places along the way. The most scenic spot of the entire trip:

June lake

Have you been to the Tahoe area? It’s gorgeous!! I had no idea the lake was so big – it took well over an hour to ride around it on our motorcycle and there were so so many amazing things to do and see along the way. We stayed at the ski resort in Squaw/Olympic Valley and did a lot of fun stuff, but I could’ve easily stayed another week and enjoyed plenty more activities.

The hubs took the lead on planning this trip because he’d been there before and he did great! He chose a perfect Airbnb. We had all the conveniences of home like a fridge, oven, and even a dishwasher. It was the absolute most perfect time to be there as the highs were in the low to mid 80’s and it got as chilly as the 40’s overnight. That bit of heat combined + cold water = bliss.

Perhaps because we had such a good time I didn’t get any pictures of the lake itself – at least on my Canon. I am a big believer in enjoying the moment, but I do wish I’d remembered to bring it more places. Oh well! We did get some shots of the adjacent Donner Lake, which I highly recommend visiting (it’s more secluded and just as pretty and pristine). Admission is $10 per vehicle for all day access:

We had this spot all to ourselves!


We also got a chance to check out Bodie. It was a little detour from our route, but well worth it. Leo and I really enjoy visiting ghost towns; theyย  give you a feel for how different life used to be.

This gold mining town turned state park offers nighttime ghost walks a few times each year, which seemed like a fun idea, but unfortunately they were all sold out for the time we were there.

FYI this tank shift dress by Leith is AMAZING! I have been wearing it nonstop as it’s insanely comfortable and so flattering. It just happens to be on sale right now too! Please excuse the lazy “travel hair.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

My favorite spot of the whole trip was actually June Lake. We hadn’t even planned on visiting it, but we took the scenic route up to Tahoe and it was a great place to take a break from driving. It was perhaps the most peaceful place I’ve even been. And the water looked like drinking water! We are definitely going back.

This was another random “rest stop” along our drive to Tahoe. It was so refreshing to soak our feet in the chilly water of the mountain stream and the scenery was absolutely beautiful.

*Random side note: did you know the bubonic plague (i.e. Black Death) that killed millions of humans is still around? We saw multiple signs warning people not to touch or feed the squirrels so we kept our distance but man were they cute!

Another spontaneous pit stop. I think it was Mono lake:

This dress is another major score. I happened upon it at TJ Maxx and I’m so glad I did! It’s uber comfy and I love the back detail. It doesn’t wrinkle so it’s perfect for long car rides/travel. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it online, but here are 2 similar dresses by the same brand: one (50% off!), two.

What is your favorite road trip? I’m looking to start planning my next one!

Much love,



Free People’s ‘Dani’ Tank//More Hat Love

It’s funny, I felt really colorful in this look the other day when the hubs and I visited a local park in San Marcos. Bu now that I’m creating this post it seemsย  a lot less so…I guess it’s colorful for Kate! Lol. I do like my classic looks/colors ๐Ÿ˜‰ I still firmly believe that you can never go wrong with light denim and a white top – especially in the summer.

Speaking of white tops, Free People did it again with this tank! I looove the flowyness – it’s so perfect for hot summer days. I wasn’t sure about it at first as I originally spotted it online and the tiny little models usually do not have much in the bust department, but when I tried it on in-store I was all in! I pretty much want to live in it.

It is short enough that it doesn’t need to be tucked to be flattering, but not too short, it swings out from the bust in just the right spot so those with a large chest don’t look bigger, and it shows just enough of whatever you’re wearing underneath to be a little flirty. This tank also looks really good with shorts. These are my go to pairs (1, 2).

I grabbed this bra (in “peach pout striped”) on impulse from Victorias’s Secret because well, it’s the cutest ever – and it’s perfect for low cut tops. Lately I’ve been finding a lot of tops and dresses out there are meant to show the bra in the front and on the sides so I say go the Carrie Bradshaw route and wear a bra that’s meant to be seen. The cuter the better!

Because it closes in the front, the back is a super cute wide band (no bulges!) with a stripe pattern. It’s basically a bralette that actually has support – hallelujah! I know the bigger busted ladies feel me on this one. Sadly I didn’t really get any great pics of the stripes peeking out – it’s definitely more noticeable in person.

No matter the outfit, this hat is the perfect completer piece. Brixton has become my go to hat brand for sure. The quality – and style – for the price can’t be beat. And this particular hat is super popular, just check out all the rave reviews. Many people mentioned that this hat will “make you a hat person” and I agree!

I’ve worn it with dresses, leggings, shorts, and jeans and it all works! This “brown” color was a clearance buy so I can’t seem to find it online anymore, but this one is pretty close and on sale! The honey color is also great and oh-so-classic. The brim is wide enough to provide plenty of shade – it saved me at the Safari park last month.

I think part of me feeling so colorful is my nails; I almost never paint them, but I decided to live a little and get the gel manicure about a month ago. I freaking love the color, but I don’t think I’ll be getting regular manicures from here on out.

They have really lasted overall, but I got 2 dings within the first week (wah wah), I’ll need to have them removed by a nail place, and they require a good bit of time under a UV light so I guess I can live without colorful nails, haha. My closest friends say they can’t live without them, which is part of why I gave them a go. What are your thoughts on manicures? Maybe I’ll miss them when they are gone?

I hope you are staying cool my friends, it’s been HOT in Escondido!

Much love, Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar