Oops…I Did it Again

First off, my apologies to anyone who visited my site while it was being hacked 🙁 I now have a squeaky clean site and a firewall, yay! So all is well once again – and it’s going to stay that way.

I originally bought this Free People “LA Nite” dress in black, but it’s soo good I needed more! I have a history of buying in multiples, but why the heck wouldn’t you buy it in a few colors when you find something you love?

I have been wearing more belts lately as  I’ve gained some weight 🙁 I find that I can get away without looser pieces when I am on the more slender side (for me), but when I start to gain belting becomes my best friend. I do NOT need to look bigger than I am thank you very much.

Having a blog is awesome, but it can be tough sometimes. Not only does it mean you have to figure out the world of coding and complicated IT stuff, but it can also just be tough to put yourself out there. I’ve worked really hard on my confidence over the years, but when I review pictures it can  be a wake up call.

It’s hard not to immediately look at your “problem areas” and cringe. I do love myself no matter what – which is a huge victory in my mind – however, we all want to be a certain size or look a certain way and when we don’t…it’s not super fun. I am working HARD on focusing on the things I do like, since what you pay attention to grows!

On to the outfit: the red did not disappoint! I’ve already worn it a ton – and that’s saying a lot since I wear workout/lounge clothes 85% of the time. It is a tad short, especially when you belt it, but add a pair of bloomers and you’re good to go! Although I imagine this would be tough for someone taller than 5’7 to pull off, it’s a great option for more petite ladies.

I would normally go with flats with such a short dress, but I wanted some leg lengthening action so I added my new Kivah sandals from I.N.C., which I am obsessed with! I can’t decide which color I want next – rose gold? pink? dark almond?  Or maybe an embroidered pair? Seriously guys, they are the perfect mix of flattering, versatile, and comfortable!

This “Rio” bag by Sam Edelman was an impulse buy, but I am so glad I grabbed it when I saw it was only $60 bucks at DSW (and I got an extra $20 off, woot!). That’s from an original price of $230! Grab it while you can guys, it’s even better in person! The scarf detail is a really nice touch. FYI DSW revamped their rewards program and it’s better than ever!

I tried, but I just could not get a great shot of these beautiful little earrings made by my Insta friend, Lannie. They are adorable and so dainty that you can add them to any outfit! Check out her Etsy store here.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I can’t even tell you how much it means to me when someone tells me they were inspired by one of my posts. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask!

Much love, Kate

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Hello my friends! I can’t believe it’s been so long. I looked back at some of my older posts and for a while there I was posting 2-3 times each week. That seems so ambitious now lol. It’s been a month so I have a ton of stuff to share with you guys!

Lets start with my kitties. I am extremely blessed to be able to work from home, which allows me so much kitty snuggle time. Some would call me a crazy cat lady and I am 100% okay with that. There’s just something so wonderful about being around furry friends. That’s Sal above and Kitty below. Yes we are extrmely creative around here, ha!

I’ve been meaning to share my absolute favorite foundation with you guys for forever, which is technically a CC cream. Many people have heard of CC creams by now, but for those that haven’t CC stands for color correcting.

There are also BB (beauty balm) creams. This family of products offers a bunch of benefits (SPF, tint to full coverage color, moisturizer, etc.) all in one product – which cuts down on the steps in one’s beauty routine. I’m all about efficiency!

I first heard about Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream by It Cosmetics from Taylor Morgan of Little Blonde Book (check out her blog, it’s soo good!). Since I have a natural “rosy glow” I used to use green concealer under my foundation to prevent my rosy cheeks from showing through, but I love that I no longer need that step!

This CC cream really does do it all. You just swipe it on and it’s all you need. It has SPF 50 so I even wear it when I exercise outdoors as it protects my face better than my Roc sunscreen. I use the medium color and apply it with this brush, which is fantastic.

I was a little nervous to post this (completely unretouched) “before” photo, but I wanted to you guys to see the magic of this little product.  Look at the difference! Again, no retouching. It’s seriously the best foundation I’ve ever used. You can make it full coverage or more sheer, depending on how you apply it.

This is my “five minute face.” Do you remember Carmindy from What Not to Wear?  She was the makeup expert and she always talked about a five minute face. That’s my normal makeup routine (foundation, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, brow pencil, Lipsense, and sometimes eye shadow) as I just don’t want to spend a ton of time putting on makeup.

On special occasions I’ll add some more steps, but for my day to day life it’s really all I need. I’d rather have someone tell me I look good – and not my makeup. You know?

I also have to tell you guys about this AMAZING faux fur throw blanket I got from Nordstrom. I didn’t even know they had a home line – Nordstrom at Home – until recently, but I’m so glad I discovered it.

Side note: did you know they also recently started carrying Anthopologie’s home stuff?! Now we can buy any Anthro home decor stuff we want without paying for shipping, woot!

You guys, it is literally the softest thing I have ever felt. It’s super heavy (quality!) and both sides have their own great texture. The faux fur side feels like real animal fur and the reverse side is just as soft, but has more of a cashmere kind of feel. It’s uber luxurious and it was a bit of a splurge, but I had to have it! I almost wish it was colder so I could use it more, haha. It comes in great 5 colors.

This matching star pillow is just as soft and it’s on sale! FYI you get triple points on any purchases from Nordstrom until 5/6 if you have their rewards card!

I didn’t feel bad about  splurging on my throw as I’ve been decorating our new place with stuff from Ikea and Home Goods. Why go anywhere else? They have everything you need at super affordable prices.

I also wanted to make sure to highlight this Hemnes shoe cabinet from Ikea because it’s genius! I store my clutches in the top drawer and the other 2 compartments house my most used shoes. My new closet doesn’t hold as much as my old walk-in did so I had to get a little creative to store my many pairs of shoes.

The Hemnes line is made of real wood – not particle board – so all of my bedroom furniture is from that line. I have had my Hemnes bed and dresser since 2011 and they still look and work great!

Of course you have to build the pieces yourself, but there’s something super satisfying about turning what looks like a million pieces into a finished piece of furniture.

I hope you guys don’t mind that I branched out a bit as I’ve been all about home decor lately. However, I have a bunch of new closet staples that I plan to share with y’all so stay tuned! Thank you SO much for stopping by!

Much love, Kate

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Brixton Tiller Hat

My apologies for this late-ish post – I know the temps are starting to climb a bit now that it’s spring. I took these pics before I moved so it was still chilly enough to layer.  I absolutely loved this look so I had to share…

Say hello to my new fav hat of all time! I have been on the hunt for a versatile, quality hat that wasn’t over $100 (see my dream hat by Frye here and look at this other style from Frye I just found for almost $100 off!) and I am happy to say I found it!! And it was less than $50! I have found myself adding this hat to so many outfits – it really does add that perfect extra touch to feel fashionable and stay in the shade.

If you haven’t heard of Brixton go check them out at your nearest Nordstrom to see how you like their hats and what size fits you best – and then buy it for cheaper online like I did! Haha. That part is optional, but I often find what I’m looking for on Amazon.com for a lot less so why spend more than you have to? And Amazon has sooo many colors to choose from!

If you can’t find one in-store you’d probably be ok just using the size chart. It’s accurate, just be aware that if you have a lot of hair you might need to get a slightly bigger size than the head measurement you get. I ended up buying a men’s M, but I have a relatively large noggin lol.

At first I had no idea what to do with the leather strap, but after a little Pinterest and Google image research I realized that not only will the strap keep the hat on your head in windy weather, but it gives it even more of a hipster vibe.

I tucked it in for this look, but I will doubtless do a future post with it out – loud and proud! It looks so good, especially with jeans. I already have my next Brixton purchase in mind, but I’m a little more focused on buying stuff for the new house right now.

We didn’t have all that many “really cold” days in Socal this winter, but I took advantage when I could by layering sweaters over my favorite maxi dresses and skirts. I have also layered this sweater over this free people skirt (currently half the original price) and it looked great!

This sweater is from a few years back, but I found a very similar FP sweater here (also half price!). It also has the arm seam detail and a slightly higher cut in front than in the back, which makes it great for layering.Why not stock up now? It’ll get cold again eventually.

I love the way my Frye boots look with a chunky knit and a maxi – I’m actually a tiny bit sad it’s warming up. They are so versatile! You can still get them at a steep discount here.

What are you most excited to wear now that it’s spring? For me it’s my new swim suit…stay tuned for that hotness! 😉

Be well my friends. XO, Kate

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Frye “Tate” Bootie

Hello there! I hope you’re having the best day ever!

I cannot stop wearing these boots (available here and here for 60% off !). I happened upon them at Nordstrom Rack and I couldn’t let them get away. A fellow shopper even told me how great they were. 😉 They are a little on the high side, but I’ve worn them all day with minimal discomfort.

The rubber sole is quite “grippy” so they’ve been my go-to lately on rainy days. No slippage here! Knowing Frye, these boots will be around a long time. Frye stuff just gets better with age!

It’s been cold-ish (for us) lately, but it still tends to get pretty warm in the direct sun so a tee and a scarf has been perfect to stay warm, yet not overheat. I’ve had this scarf now for a long time and yet it’s still a favorite! If I were to buy one now I’d probably go with this one or this one. Too cute, right?!

I love a big square scarf because it’s so versatile. You can stye it so many ways! Jean from Extra Petite has a great tutorial that can help you if you’re a little lost on how to wear one. I highly recommend playing with how you style your scarves to maximize what you’ve already got.

With all the “fast fashion” these days it can be a little too easy to amass a huge wardrobe – and having too many options can be a problem in itself.   Most of us end up wearing the same pieces over and over for the most part.  How do you maximize your closet?

I really liked how these boots looked with my new skinnies from American Eagle. I just love the color and they are so soft and stretchy. FYI they are 50% off right now! Just be careful with the ripped sections when you’re putting them on. It’s a little too easy to stick a foot through the hole, whoops!

Of course I had to go a little matchy-matchy and pair my Vince Camuto crossbody bag with this look. I couldn’t resist. I like how it peeks out from under the scarf. This particular purse is no longer available, but I think this one (65% off!) is an awesome, similar option. And look at this suede beauty (over 50% off!)!

I may be the only one enjoying the fact that it’s still  a bit cool and rainy, even though it’s technically spring – but I’m going to blame that on the fact that we never really had a winter this year. I do love my layers!

I hope you’re staying warm! Thanks so very much for visiting!

XO, Kate

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All Black Lazy Day Look // Life Update

Hello! I’ve been a little negligent of my blog lately as so much has happened since my last post…WE BOUGHT A HOUSE Y’ALL! I can  scarcely believe I just wrote those words. Living in San Diego County I think I had subconsciously assumed that we’d be renters forever, but – thanks in large part to my better half – we are officially in the real estate game!

The hubs really pushed for us to get pre-approved and start looking, “just to see what’s out there.” Six weeks later we are halfway through the escrow process and I couldn’t be any more excited. Dreams really do come true!! Ok, enough of that. I’m just so darn excited, thanks for letting me share!

As things have been so busy lately – escrow is no joke – I have been all about the easy outfits, like this one. It doesn’t get easier/comfier than an all black stretchy look. The only downside in our cat loving home is that all black quickly becomes more of a marled black. Thank God for editing software!

I’m slightly embarrassed that the awesome ladies I encountered at TJ Maxx saw me in all my cat hair glory the day these pics were taken. I truly did not notice in my bedroom mirror. And this was after I used plenty of packing tape to de-lint/hair! I find a rolled piece of packing tape (or 3) works much better than a lint roller.

My friend Sarah and I had so much fun shopping the discounted racks of TJ Maxx. We ran into a couple of women in the dressing room and had a blast getting each other’s opinions. Do you do that too?

I am not shy at all when it comes to talking to strangers (funny how things can change) and I’ll happily give my opinion in a dressing room. We need to look out for one another! I’ll be posting the 2 awesome peices (including my new swimsuit obsession) I snagged soon!

I took so long to write about this sweater that the black is sold out, but there are still 2 great neutral colors left – at 40% off!  I highly recommend this sweater. Not only is it possibly the softest sweater I own, but it also has pockets! I know I’m not the only one who thinks that pockets are always a plus 😉

I’ve had comments in the past like, “don’t you ever wear flats?” and I totally understand where that comes from. I used to be all about flats, but over time I’ve come to really enjoy the way heels can flatter the body and just make you feel like a boss ass bitch!

I do not generally wear heels for long periods as comfort is a high priority for me, but I’ll always go for a heel over a flat if it’s a short excursion. I can see this look being just as cute with a pair of pointy ballet flats or some sneaks for something like a trip to the airport. That kind of day does NOT call for heels IMO.

This bag continues to be a favorite and it’s still available and on sale!

This Express tank is awesome for those days when you just can’t bear to suck it in. It looks equally great with pants or leggings! Sadly it’s out of stock, but I found a very similar option at Asos. They make such fab basics.

These Zella leggings have been in heavy rotation lately since we’re finally getting some cooler weather. They are perfection! Stretchy, warmish, forgiving, and versatile? Yes please! I might have to pick up a new pair soon as mine are starting to fade just a bit.

Off topic: I’ve found some pretty amazing beauty products lately that I think I might share with y’all. I haven’t really covered beauty in much detail before: is that something you’d like to see?

Thank you soo much for stopping by! Blogging has become one of my fav things to do so thank you for your support!

XO, Kate

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My Favorite Color Combo

Hello my lovelies! Today I wanted to share a look using my fav color combination. Just like all black never fails, pairing pink with blue denim and some white/nude tones is always a winner. I feel like it says, “I tried, but not too hard.” 😉

Unfortunately this suede moto jacket from Blank NYC is sold out in pink, but the burgundy and green shades are still on sale! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nordies offer a sale price for this long. If you’ve been wanting a real (buttery soft!) suede jacket then now’s the time!

I also found this light grey suede moto jacket, which is a very similar style by the same brand and this pink suede moto jacket from ASOS. Here’s a faux suede option if that fits better in your budget.

I have also worn this oh-so-pretty topper with this dress, from this post. I loved how they look together. Pink heaven. Speaking of pink, I snagged these sunnies from Express the other day for free! Say what?! I love how lightweight they are, without feeling cheap.

FYI if you’re a part of their reward program they send coupons in the mail a lot, maybe once each month, and they usually include a save $15 off of a $30 purchase one. Since I had a $15 reward coupon it was free baby! It was an impulse buy, but they’ve actually become my go-to shades. The frames are rose gold so of course I’m obsessed.

These jeans are from American Eagle, natch. I’ve tried higher end denim and these are just the best value for the money IMO. When I saw this color online I had to have them and I was stoked that the color was just as pretty in person as it was online. They are quite soft – and of course stretchy. Jeggings forever!

FYI I had to exchange them for 1 size up from my normal size and even a size up was a tad tight. AE’s sizing does tend to vary quite a bit between styles and washes so I’m going to blame it on that and not all the yummy food I’ve been eating. Don’t judge me! Haha

These (very affordable) earrings are also in a rose gold tone and I just love how sparkly they are. Thankfully they haven’t bothered my ears. I also have my eye on this pretty pair. I like to wear them with these star studs from Macy’s, which are real gold and almost $100 off right now. Woot!

If you’ve visited my blog before you might have seen some of these (1, 2) previous posts from me in the same color combination. I know I’m partial to pink, but I cannot get enough! What’s your favorite color combo?

Thanks so much for visiting, I hope to see you again soon!

XO, Kate

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Kut From the Kloth “Amelia” Denim Jacket

This jean jacket was a gift from my wonderful sister (thanks again Lisa!). I already have one in blue denim that I wear constantly – see some previous posts here and here.  I am SO stoked to have the black version! FYI this color seems to be a top seller, so some sizes may not be available right now, but they seem to re-stock pretty often.

I especially like that this jacket is technically black, but it also has some fading/distressing. It has just enough, without being too much IMO. Little details like that add visual interest and allow it to go with more shades of black. Black can also be a little harsh on some skin tones, border on goth territory, and even be aging – so this faded black makes it much more versatile.

I feel like it’s most common to pair a denim jacket with jeans or pants – just do a quick Google image or Pinterest search to see for yourself, but being that I am a dress fiend of course my go-to pairing is with dresses. Doy! I love adding a fitted denim jacket to a maxi dress to show off my shape and this jacket is perfect for that.

Tip: most of the time jean jackets look best unbuttoned so if you find that you have to choose between sizing up so it buttons or buying a more fitted size that doesn’t fully close I say go with the smaller size as it will accentuate the waist a lot better. This one technically buttons, but it just looks better left open.

Of course I had to pair it with my Rebecca Minkoff “love” bag. I wear it pretty much daily. It goes with everything! Here’s the cheapest I could find it right now in the same size (medium) and color (grey), but there are other versions and sizes available. See a nice mix here, the dark cherry is gorg! If you have a smaller frame you might want to go with the small. I also found a similar version of the same bag on Poshmark for $65!

This dress is pretty old, but I actually found it online today in size medium. Stuff can really hang around for a long time in cyberspace!

Sanctuary makes some of the best dresses and thy don’t skimp on the little details. I have at least four of their dresses and a few of their tops. Check out the latest offerings by the brand here. Their joggers look pretty awesome, tho I haven’t tried them…yet 😉

I am really enjoying having short hair again, there’s so much more you can do style-wise when it’s short. Plus it’s just faster to style, yay! Like the braid? I do, I just wish I could do a french braid on my own hair. That’s apparently not in my skill set lol.

They call wearing denim on denim a “Canadian tuxedo.”I used to think it was such a faux pas, but now I’m all about it. Funny how things can change over time. I also used to think that pairing black and brown was a no-no. I love that there aren’t really any rules anymore. Fashion should be fun, so do what makes you smile is my motto.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll get my blog posts delivered right to your email’s inbox as soon as they are published. See you again soon and have a fab day!

XO, Kate

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Leith Tank Dress

This dress has been on my wish list for soo long! I’m so glad I finally got it, even at full price. Leith’s prices are already very affordable so their pieces don’t always go on sale (which is when I normally pull the trigger). Oh wellsies, still worth it!

I have -and love – 4 other pieces from the brand and I’m sure that number will continue to grow. Check out this stunning satin maxi and this velour slip dress from Leith that I spotted on the Nordstrom Rack site.

What steals! I’ve made a commitment to myself to stop buying formal stuff until I have a specific occasion for it, otherwise I would so buy that satin maxi. Isn’t it gorg?? FYI this brand’s clothes tend to run a little large so I’m wearing a M.

You can never have too many good basics. This dress doesn’t require a strapless bra (hallelujah!) and it’s insanely comfortable, doesn’t wrinkle, and it’s very flattering/forgiving. Yes please!

Since it’s been such a crazy warm winter – even by San Diego’s standards – I haven’t been able to do much layering with this dress, but I liked how it looked with my lace kimono,  more options here.

Tip: Kimonos can be super flattering and sexy or they can be completely unflattering. The difference is and how it hangs on your body.

You want to avoid pulling it over your bust as this creates an overall round shape. My go to is to just let it hang right from the armpit. Sounds so sexy, right?

I really like how the curved hem of the dress adds to the flattering-factor of this dress and gives just a bit more coverage. Although I’d still suggest some bloomers or boyshorts underneath to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. Trust me on this one 😉

I really had no idea how much I’d wear these heels when I first got them, but man have they become a staple for me. This has just reinforced my belief that you MUST try shoes on.

I’ve had more occasions than I’d like to admit where I bought some pretty shoes online, only to be vastly disappointed when they didn’t fit quite right or were just too painful to be a realistic option. Boo!

Full disclose: these push that line (of comfort) but they’re sooo good!

See ya later party people!

XO, Kate

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Vince Camuto Francia Booties

While I looove Vince Camuto’s handbags (see mine in previous posts  here, here, here, and here) I’ve never actually bought any of the brand’s shoes…until I caught sight of these booties in Nordie’s clearance section.

Good news, they are still 50% off and come in 4 great colors! I was blown away by how comfortable they are. And so darn cute to boot 😉 They might give my Sam Edelman bootie collection a run for it’s money.

These heels are a little on the high side for booties, but that just adds to the flattering factor if you ask me. I’ve walked in them quite a bit and they are actually quite comfy, due to the padded foot bed.

It took me a minute to figure out what kind of socks to wear with them due to the low cut sides, but ultra low peds are perfect!  I learned a long time ago not to skip socks unless you want your shoes to stink, yuck.

My jacket is pretty old, but I found some really good looking grey moto jackets in leather (an investment for sure, this one is at a slightly lower price point) and faux lather. And how cute is this one in black from Target? What a deal!

My jeans are actually “jeggings” from American Eagle.  This particular rinse is not available anymore, but there are soo many good ones to choose from! This one and this one are both on my wishlist and this one is a really fun alternative to denim.

I almost always pair this jacket with a plaid shirt and this one is my favorite. Unfortunately it’s no longer available, but all these plaid shirts (also from B.P at Nordstrom) are all super cute and on sale! You can also find great plaids at American Eagle (get 25% off your entire purchase until 1/23 with code: SAVE25).  Plaid shirts are such a staple! I wear them all the time with denim or leggings.

These booties look fab with any kind of pants, but I also love how they look with dresses. Especially basic/classic, casual dresses like the ones from Leith. I’ve wanted this one for a while and I think they would look awesome together.

I usually wait for things to go on sale before buying them, but Leith dresses are so affordable that they don’t go on sale often. If you like one snap it up in your size when you can! Although if they go out of stock they often eventually come back in different colors. FYI the sizing is on the big side so I usually wear a M.

Do you have a favorite brand for boots and booties? If so I’d love to hear about it. Have a beautiful day my friends!

XO, Kate

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Faux Fur Fabulous

Ok, this coat is kinda ridiculous for San Diego’s temperate climate. But so what? Fashion should be fun and this coat is definitely fun! I feel like a starlet when I wear it!

The best deal right now on this faux fur from Rachel by Rachel Roy is at Macy’s, but it’s also on sale at Nordstrom Rack. The pictures I found on the web just don’t do it justice IMO; I probably wouldn’t have even considered buying it if  I hadn’t seen it in person. It’s SO SOFT! The only one I saw at the store was an XL so I grabbed it, but a L would have worked just fine too. FYI it has pockets!

I still find myself getting a little nervous when wearing something out of the box for me, but I am getting better. Case in point: I brought this coat to the mall when I met a friend for some drinks and shopping the other day and I intentionally did not bring another option so I’d be forced to wear it and I still chickened out!

I kept thinking, “people will think I’m a weirdo for wearing this at the mall in 60 degree weather.” So I just kinda dealt with the slight chill in the air. I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but my themes for this year will most likely be trust (in myself and that all will work out in the end, no matter what things currently look like) and caring less what others think. I’ve already come a long way with the latter, but I obviously still have some work to do.

Ok, lets talk about this dress. I loooove it so much! If you’ve visited my blog before you might notice that this dress is the same as the white Free People “Long Beach” tank I’ve worn in previous posts (here and here). It is just as flattering as the tank version, if not more! I saw in the reviews that the white is see through, but thankfully the black is not.

It’s available in a ton of colors on Free People’s site, but I only saw the black and white versions in the store. I feel it’s totally worth the full price of $40, but I’ve added some other colors to my Shoptagr list so if they do go on sale I’ll snap one or two more up. It’s so versatile!

I’ve already worn it twice and I just got it a week ago! I had noticed it online, but I wanted to see it in person and try it on so when I was at Macy’s the other day trying to use a $10 coupon before it expired I did just that and I didn’t even need to think (very long) about whether to buy it or not. It had to be mine!

I just happened to grab this coat off the clearance rack (Macy’s calls it their Last Act section and it’s a goldmine for deals!) for over $150 off at the same time and I noticed the two really went well together. I love when that happens. It can be really frustrating to get a new piece and then have nothing to wear it with.

I’ve blogged about these shoes before, but I noticed they’re still available at DSW and they are awesome so I thought I’d provide a link for y’all again. I had the hardest time debating between the grey and the black and they also offer them in red and taupe!

To keep this look as glam as possible I paired it with my gold clutch from Amazon. It’s a steal at $18 and goes with just about everything!

I couln’t help myself, I had to do the “coat draped over the shoulders” look that all bloggers do. It might not be as functional as putting both arms in, but is it pretty fabulous 😉

If you’re wondering about the very pretty location for this shoot, it’s the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, which is just down the way from my place. It’s gorgeous! I need to bring some of my girls there one of these days. It has so many great features and amenities – it would make a great spa day.

What do you think about faux fur? Does it have a place in your wardrobe?

Thanks so much for stopping by!! XO, Kate

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