New Haircut, New Year

OMG I cannot describe how good it feels to have finally gotten a haircut! I am so bad about getting my hair done; I noticed that my last cut was in March of this year – eek! I just can’t handle long hair. It’s too high maintenance, plus my hair is so fine that it just hangs there once it gets past my shoulders. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders when the hair started to fall to the floor.

Thanks Toi (my stylist at Hair by Stacie in Miramar) for knowing exactly how to translate what I want into a cut that works for my face! After being blonde pretty much all my life at my last few appointments I tried to embrace my light brown roots, but blonde just feels more like me.

Anyway, on to my birthday outfit! I celebrated with my man and my good friend Sarah at Fred’s in Old Town and had a blast drinking and eating too much. Thanks Sarah for always being willing to shoot some pictures for me! And thanks babe for the sweet treats!

I have been thoroughly enjoying wearing coats lately – as it’s actually been cold enough – and I couldn’t resist a few shots with the signature blogger “coat draped over the shoulders” pose. This is another Burlington find from way back when (likely at least 6 years ago). Since my coats don’t get much wear in sunny CA they seem to last forever! This Miss Sixty Coat still looks brand new and stylish all these years later.

I love this Sanctuary dress, not only is it super soft and comfortable, but it’s pretty flattering as well! Being a little busty I had to get a little DIY and use double sided tape to prevent any gapping in between the buttons near my bust. Worked like a charm! I get a lot of compliments on this one. Another great Macy’s steal! It’s currently on sale in this color at Nordstrom Rack and in Laurent Plaid at Sanctuary’s website). Both colors are great IMO.

Happy New Year!!!

Leith Midi Sweater Dress

Who says you can’t wear black with navy? I wore this outfit on Saturday and I felt so comfortable and chic all day long! Can you beat that mix? I think not. I was a little unsure about this dress when I bought it online last year (size S, it runs big, I’m usually a M in Leith – thanks reviewers!!), but it was a great purchase. I’ve worn it quite a bit already and it it’s actually pretty darn flattering. The ribbing helps disguise any post-lunch “food babies.”

My new Vince Camuto Ayla Satchel makes me feel so ladylike and I got an incredible deal! It’s the perfect mix of boho and classic – love the braid detail – and the quality is great! I think this one will last a very long time. I’m new to Vince Camuto purses, but I am definitely a fan!

These Ivanka Trump booties (currently 40% off!) were such a good buy – not only do I wear them constantly, but they are super easy to walk in all day long. No joke! A 3″ heel is usually my max and these are 3″, but somehow they feel like a lower heel. I wanted a bootie that was a little less casual than my Sam Edelman booties and these pointed toe babies fit the bill perfectly. I even got a “nice shoes” shout out from some guy driving by. Money well spent indeed lol!

It was a pretty cold day by San Diego standards so I was stoked to be able to layer. Layering is a great way to add visual interest to an outfit!

I bought this BNCI by Blanc Noir faux leather jacket a few years back from Nordstrom Rack and I find myself wearing it over and over. I always get compliments and it’s a little more substantial than your typical faux leather jacket, which is nice! I can’t really afford real leather so this is a great compromise! Pus it adds a little “edge” to whatever I pair it with.

Thanks for stopping by!


Photo credit: Leo Amar

Personal Challenge

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I have this wonderful/dangerous weekend routine where I lay in bed for hours and read magazines and shop online before I get my day started…I wake up pretty early. It’s a true luxury and I end up finding some seriously great deals (mainly using’s wishlist, where they alert you when an item you bookmarked goes on sale) so it can be really hard to resist buying new clothes and accessories.

I’ve tried doing other things, but I can’t seem to avoid taking a look around online for deals at my favorite sites (,, and, etc.). So I’ve decided to undertake a personal challenge where I won’t allow myself to buy anything new for 6 (gulp!) months. My husband doesn’t believe I can do it so I’m extra motivated!

I have told myself I can spend money to modify/alter/fix pieces I already own, but I can’t buy anything new. The plan is to “shop my closet” since I already have just about everything I could need. You can probably tell from the pics below of my current closet that I have plenty of great stuff AND I have the bedroom closet all to myself. Isn’t my husband the best?!! Sorry it’s a bit of a mess, but this is how it really looks day to day. I’m not a huge fan of bloggers who make everything look so perfect, I’d rather keep it real!

Wish me luck!!

Sanctuary Dress


This is a great dress for those hot days when you wish you could just not wear anything! It’s loose and breezy, but when it’s tied it really shows off one’s shape. The tie is braided yarn, which I think is a really cute touch. I’ve been known to use it to belt some of my other dresses since it has such cute detail – and belts are the best friend of a lady with an hourglass shape!


I really like this dress paired with simple accessories like my Stuart Weitzman wedges and my reversible tote, but it also looks great layered for colder weather. I usually just swap out the wedges for a pair of booties and throw a sweater or a moto jacket on top.


P.S. If you haven’t done a price adjustment for any of your full priced Nordstrom purchases I highly recommend it! These shoes were originally about $150 but I got an adjustment of about $100 since they went on sale within 14 days of my purchase AND they had my size in stock. Woot!

They also do price matching now, which I am stoked about! I just took advantage of this feature recently and I saved a bundle! It’s really easy to do, you just have to call customer service. As long as a competitor offers the same item in the same color/size they’ll match the price. I’ll do a post with that purse soon. It’s my new fav!!


I really like Sanctuary’s dresses (currently coveting this one). They tend to offer cute prints and great shapes. I don’t always love a high-low hem, but with this piece I really do. It flows nicely when I walk, but it does’t drag on the ground since it’s a midi.


Have a good one!

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Free People Front Tie Midi Dress

I love this dress! I took advantage of a sunny and warm San Diego day not too long ago and wore this super comfy dress to visit a friend. It felt like I was wearing pj’s all day! I’ve experimented with tying it in different ways and I’ve found 3 great options so far!
​I like it best when it’s tied in front, as shown, but it also looks good tied in the back and left untied. Tying it in the front is good for “big eating” days! Haha. Every time I wear it I get compliments, which is always fun!


The back doesn’t provide a lot of coverage – as is usual with Free People clothes – but I’ve styled it with a black bralette and I really liked the look.


Please forgive my silly faces and poses, I’m not all that comfortable yet in front of the camera. I paired the dress with my go-to necklace (from Forever21). I seriously wear it with everything.


I paired the dress this time with my comfiest sandals (Lauren Ralph Lauren), but it looks just as cute – and a little more edgy – with a pair of black booties and a black moto jacket. This dress got a lot of wear in the summer and considering that I paid so little for it (thanks Macy’s!) I’d say it’s already paid for itself. And it still looks great!

The older I get the more I seek out classic items that will last. I hate buying something that’s super cheap only to never wear it. It’s only a good deal if you will wear it and can afford it…

Photo credit: Natalie Bartko

A Chilly Day in OB

I love this Hinge sweater so much that I (gasp!) paid full price for it, which I NEVER do. Thanks hubs! I wish I could wear it everyday. It kept me nice and cozy during my recent jury duty. It is so incredibly soft!

I love the open back, it gives it a little extra oomph. I don’t even mind that it adds a little bulk to my frame – and that says a lot! It is listed as “ivory shell” online, but this is a very soft pink in person. I got this in a small, so I would say it runs pretty big as I am normally a medium or a large.


Please forgive the sloppy hair, I haven’t had it cut since March so it’s just way too long. Thankfully I’m getting it cut on 12/22. Yippee!


This Vince Camuto bag is a recent Black Friday purchase (it’s currently 50% off!), I freaking love it! And I got it for quite a steal! It’s the perfect size for everyday use and the color (black cherry) goes well with just about anything, without being the typical black or brown.


I actually got this Bill Blass coat from a Burlington Coat Factory (well it was called that back then, I guess they dropped the “Coat Factory” part at some point) in Indiana over a decade ago. It has definitely stood the test of time and I still get compliments on it. Sadly, I don’t get to wear coats all that often in San Diego, but that just means less wear and tear! I occasionally have to snip off a thread here and there, but it still looks great. It’s also a smidge small (I did buy it when I was about 18), but I’m still gonna wear it! Haha!

These Sam Edelman pumps are another recent purchase and I LOVE them! I have a really wide foot and I was lucky enough to snag these in a wide size and they fit perfectly! San Edelman is one of my very favorite shoe designers and I have more pairs of Sam Edelman shoes and booties than any other brand. He knows how to make a cute, yet walkable shoe! I’m not the biggest fan of wearing heels all day, but these 3″ babies are about as comfy as it gets. I buy just about everything online so wasn’t sure if the color (golden caramel) would be too dark, but I think it’ll do just fine. They actually look like a perfect match to my skin tone indoors.


I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures but the pants I’m wearing (American Eagle Sateen jegging) have a unique feel to them. They feel almost like a  microsuede or something. My clothes have to be comfortable for me to wear them and these are no exception. I am so going to get them in another color…

I gave my trusty Fitbit a break in favor of this cute bejeweled pink leather cuff that I received as a gift a few years back. Thanks Kim!


Thanks to my friend Sarah for taking these pictures! Love you!

My First Post!

Hello there!

I kind of doubt anyone will read this, but if you are – hi! Welcome!

I subscribe to about 10 blogs and I really enjoy the outfit inspo, but after a while they’ve all started to seem the same. I wanted to create a blog that does more than tell everyone about the current sales and such (I think plenty of those already exist). I have also been getting a little tired of the fact that all the bloggers I subscribe to seem to have an unlimited budget and are constantly posting new – often outrageously expensive – purchases.

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping (and snagging a great new piece!) as much as anyone else, but wanted to create a blog where I could show all the many ways I can get creative with my current wardrobe. I try to buy quality items that are classic and will stand the test of time, at the lowest price possible, so wearing them over and over again in in different combinations is kind of the whole point!

I am also madly passionate about wearing things that make me feel confident and like the best version of myself – and I hope to help others do the same. I want to share with others what I’ve learned through all those years of reading fashion/style mags so…

Stay tuned!