Going Girly in Free People

Hi all! I hope your week is off to a great start!

This past weekend’s weather was really nice, even by San Diego standards, so I jumped at the chance to wear one of my very favorite dresses – and of course it’s by Free People. Free People’s clothes aren’t always right for my body type or budget, but occasionally I’ll find something amazing that I just can’t live without. Like the dress below:

It feels like the silkiest, flowiest pajamas you can imagine and I just want to twirl and twirl every time I put it on. I bought it soo long ago and it’s still a favorite. It was originally over $200 (gasp!), but I was lucky and snatched it up from Nordstrom when it went on sale. Score!

I actually found the same dress in a small for only $45 (or least a super duper similar version) at Poshmark. If it was available in a medium I would have snapped it up. I guess I should be thankful it wasn’t available in my size since I’m not shopping right now though…

When I bought this dress I thought that the high low trend would be over relatively quickly but I’m so glad it’s still going strong! I found the following dresses (one, two) online today and while they aren’t an exact match, I felt like they had a similar vibe.

I paired it with my go-to denim jacket by Kut from the Kloth. It’s cropped, but I have a short waist so it hits lower on my 5’7 frame than it does on the model. It’s 2% spandex so it is extremely comfortable. I used to have a Gap jean jacket that looked great, but it didn’t have any give so I found I didn’t wear it a lot. Def not the case with this one!

My Charles David wedges are actually the only shoes I can wear with this dress as it’s so long, so I’m glad they go together so well. I still hesitate to buy expensive shoes (they were originally $149 but I got them for $49 thanks to Nordies price adjustment – woot!), but man have these wedges held up. I’ve worn them countless times and they still look great.

I’ve noticed that the higher quality makes (some, not all) more expensive shoes and accessories well worth a little extra money. Cost per wear is important! Here’s an option that’s really similar.

My Steve Madden purse is old and no longer available online, but if I were in the market for something similar I’d probably buy this one (it’s currently on sale!). I love the versatility of a bag that comes with shorter handles and a cross body strap.

I don’t know if you can tell, but the patten is actually little birds touching noses. I actually only noticed this when someone pointed it out to me! Silly Kate…

Do you have a favorite dress that you wouldn’t get rid of for anything? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

Have a great one!

Photo credit: Sarah Jordan

Cardiff Bike Ride

Hiya! I hope you’re staying warm and dry – I was just about to go for a walk when it started pouring out of nowhere! I guess that’s a sign it’s time for another blog post! Haha

Recently my friend Sarah and I took advantage of a gorgeous day and biked up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. It was so much fun! I got the usual “you’re wearing that?!” I can’t seem to ever be casual/dressed down enough for my friends. Maybe it’s just because we live in such a casual place? San Diego is flip flop central, after all. Does anyone else get any flak from their friends about their outfit choices or is it just me??

Yes, I did wear my Sam Edelman suede booties (still available in grey suede, saddle suede, and black and saddle leather – all on sale!!) to bike around town and I am not ashamed! When I converted to barefoot shoes I tossed all of my sneakers so I don’t have a lot of options to choose from and the barefoot shoes just aren’t a good fit for the platform pedals.

BTW if anyone reading this is interested in barefoot shoes I highly recommend them, but there are things one should know before transitioning from regular athletic shoes. I’ll do a post with my new fav pair and some tips soon, but just leave me a comment if you have any questions until then. They have completely solved my ankle issues and I love the stability and comfort they offer. Bye bye blisters!!

Sorry the pics are a little dark, we tried a few angles and full sun ended up being too sunny and the shade was a little too dark. We just couldn’t win!

I’m not sure if you can see the detail, but my booties actually have some color in the fringe. It’s a mix of black suede, burgundy suede, and silver. I love how it adds a little oomph to an otherwise fairly basic pair of ankle boots. Sarah compared my boots’ fringe to a grown up version of bike streamers. Remember those?? Fun!

My Zella “Live in Leggings” were a perfect match for the ride and kept me oh so comfy. I paired my leggings with my trusty H&M tank top, which is old, but here’s a similar option. Just size up for a more relaxed fit. I LOVE H&M’s basics section, I get so much use out of my tees and tanks and they are very affordable.

Side note: how cute is this cardi? I saw it as I was getting the link for the tank and I want it!! Grr, not shopping is really hard.

My sweater has sold out, but I’ve linked some similar options here, here, and here. It was always oversized, but it keeps growing every time I wear it. The hazards of knitwear, eh? Ha! I wouldn’t say it’s super warm, but it is super cute and well-suited for the mild SD climate.

I got my Smith sunnies earlier this year and I really like them. The gold on the bottom of the lenses are a nice little touch. I also threw on a necklace from Forever 21. What they have available is always changing, but I can almost always find a cute boho necklace for a ridiculously cheap price.

Well, I gotta get to making some dinner, so farewell and see ya next time! Thanks for visiting!

Photo credit: Sarah Jordan

Workin’ the Work Style

Hi there! TGIF!

Here’s a recent work to evening look I really liked. Just take off the jacket and boom – you’re ready for drinks.

I love this top, it goes with everything! It’s on sale in both colors (the dandelion color is great for warmer toned ladies) right now! The waffle detail is such a nice touch and it’s a great choice for big eating occasions 😉 Every time I wear this one I get at least one, “where’d you get that?!” I bought it from Macy’s, but I saw it’s available online through a few stores.

This jacket was another great buy. It’s old and from H&M, but Nordstrom has a lot of super cute dupes! I also saw it’s also available at Poshmark in at least one size. Good old Poshmark…if I miss buying something before it’s sold out in stores often I can find it there.

These shoes are not for the faint of heart, but they are awesome to look at and I can handle them in small doses. They are no longer available in stores, but I found this similar pair for a great price!

I actually found these J Brand skinnies at a local consignment store. I have never had a coated pair of jeans before, but I always wanted some. These fit the bill nicely, although they are technically listed online as “sateen.”

If you happen to be in the area, La Mesa actually has a few little boutiques and consignment stores that have surprisingly great stuff for awesome prices! Can you believe I got these for $12? I was stoked!!

I picked up this rose gold necklace somewhat recently (don’t worry, I’m staying strong and and so far I’m sticking to my no shopping challenge!) from Express and I like it a lot. I’m super into rose gold right now and -bonus – it goes with every skin tone! I can’t wait to wear it with a low cut jumpsuit I have…

As usual, I’m putting my Marc by Marc Jacobs cell phone wallet to good use. I’ve never been one to buy higher end wallets, but after having used this wallet daily for a year or so I have changed my tune. It still looks brand new and I love that it holds everything I need so I don’t always have to schlep a purse with me. FYI it’s 49% off at Nordstrom Rack right now! Worth every penny.

Ok, that’s enough for today. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Photo credit: Leo Amar

These Boots Were Made for Walking (Seriously!)

Howdy! Happy “Friday Jr.” as my friend Sarah put it today 🙂

Here’s an outfit from last weekend’s trip to the Little Italy Farmers Market. OMG that place is dangerous! Between all the yummy food, the fresh produce, and all the crafts…I wanted to buy everything!

I have to say I was really digging my look and I got a bunch of complements! In my experience guys rarely notice/comment on outfits, so when they do I tend to take note. My (male) neighbor yelled to me that morning as I was walking to my car, “killer boots girl!” Why is it guys seem to notice my footwear lately more than anything? Haha

The top and skirt are both pretty old and they’re both from H&M. I love that place, it’s so affordable and they have great basics! The quality of the materials and construction seems to be better than F21 in my experience.

I got these boots (currently on sale for under $100!) for Christmas and I’ve been dying to wear them, but since it’s been raining so much this was really my fist opportunity to break them out. You know, suede and rain don’t really mix…

I was really curious to see how comfortable they were for walking all day and I’m pleased to report that they were awesome! My feet never hurt, even with a full day of walking. Woot!

I do love a block heel – I am just too much of a sissy for stilettos. They are supposed to be over the knee boots, but on me they are more like knee high boots. It’s cool. I still really like them!

It was an usually warm weekend so I barely even wore my sweater. I LOVE this Free People sweater BTW! I actually have it in 2 colors because it’s so amazingly comfy and it seems to go with just about everything. Do you like my “lazy tuck?” I find that a little tuck in the front makes a lot of tops way more flattering on my somewhat curvy body. Although I like it untucked too.

It’s no longer being sold by FP or department stores, but I’ve seen a lot of colors and sizes available on Poshmark (which is where I got it from – for $30!). I know not everyone is on board with buying used clothes and I wasn’t either at first. But you can find so many things that are NWT (new with tag) or NWOT (new without tag) on there and the prices are great!

I think I might do a post soon on all my closet favs that I’ve bought in multiple colors. Now that I think about it I have quite a few of those – and this tank is one of them! Is it just me? Do you do that too? Those tend to be the items that get the most use so I guess it’s a good strategy for me.

Ok I’ve blabbed enough, thanks for stopping by. Have a great one!!

Photo credit: Sarah Jordan (muah!)

Double the (Faux) Fur Fun

Hi there! I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures from a trip to the mountains a couple of weekends back.  With all the rain we’ve been getting lately I couldn’t not go (sorry for the double negative) and see the snow. I love that in San Diego we have the beach, mountains, and so many other beautiful places all just a short drive away!

I recently found out about Zella, a Nordstrom brand, which is pretty widely known for being similar to Lululemon at much better prices. A blogger that I love, Jean from Extra Petite, tipped me off to them and I am so glad she did! While she and I have totally different body types, I love her posts and style. Check her out if you get a chance! The Live In Leggings really live up to their name. They are pricier than I usually go for, but I find myself reaching for them constantly! They are most substantial than your typical leggings, so they can be used for workouts if desired.

It was a ton of fun seeing the snow capped mountains up close, but man was it busy up there! People congregated at every little patch of snow we drove by. The snow is something quite special for us So Cal folks! I guess everyone else had the same bright idea we did.

Leo laughed at me for this, but honestly more than anything I was excited to break out my Sorel snow boots! They are about $180 at full price, which is pretty expensive for something I might only use a few times each year, but of course I got a great deal. Plus I justified the purchase by thinking, “well, now I have them if I need them for a spontaneous trip!” Right?Right?! Lol

I didn’t realize quite how bulky my trusty American Eagle parka (old, similar) was until I took a look at these pictures, but it’s lined with faux fur so it’s a little hard not to look a little lumpy I guess. Luckily it has an inner drawstring that allows for a little shape.

It sure did keep me warm and toasty and it’s proved to be a great purchase. I’ve had it for at least 5 years (bought at a super discount, natch) and it never disappoints! Here it is 2 years ago when we went on a ghost tour of San Diego for my bithday, which was soo much fun! That’s my beautiful bestie Tonya with me in the pic, btw 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Last Bit of Christmas

Hey y’all! I spotted this perfectly good tree in my friend Sarah’s alley and I couldn’t resist using it as a little background. It’s a shame we use Christmas trees for such a short time, no? Why do I always get into the holiday spirit so late in the game? Is it just me??

I was so happy that I was able to wear this coat recently! I bought it from Anthropologie (on super sale, of course!) for a trip to Minnesota at least 5 years ago, but I haven’t worn it much at all beyond that trip. It did save me from freezing in the -15 degree weather near lake Superior though. Brr!

It just feels so luxurious! I love the lining, diagonal zipper, and the fact that it has a built in scarf! I love pieces that can worn multiple ways, don’t you? Plus it’s a classic color, super warm, and adds a bit of polish to any outfit.

Take this outfit for instance. My AE jeggings and FP thermal (similar) are pretty darn causal, but they look quite a bit more stylish when paired with this great wool coat. I get so much wear out of this thermal and jeggings, they are both staples in my closet for sure.

And my Sam Edelman Lisle Booties (no longer for sale, similar here and here) probably get the most use of all my shoes. I love them so much that I’ve actually bought the same bootie in 3 more colors when I’ve seen them offered at a huge discount. They are so insanely comfortable and go with everything!

On a side note, this “no shopping” challenge I’ve taken on is already soo hard! I’ve been very tempted by a few great deals lately, but I’m staying strong! I’m starting to wonder if 6 months was a bit unrealistic, but I’m gonna give it my best shot! This blog has gotten me pretty excited to see how much I can do with my current wardrobe AND I’m realizing that I can probably avoid repeating an outfit for years…

Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!

Photo credit: Sarah Jordan