Oxblood Suede Quilted Moto Jacket

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I love this jacket!! I actually heard about it through Erica at www.fashionedchic.com. She has such awesome style!! I snagged it when it went on super sale during the holidays and I’m so glad I did! I usually stick to faux leather jackets, but this just feels SO much better than the faux stuff and I can tell it will really last.

Oxblood is such a great color and – as Mugatu from Zoolander would say – “it’s so hot right now.” It’s stands out a little more than your standard neutrals like black and brown, but it still feels like a neutral as it goes with almost anything! I get a lot of compliments on this one!

And guess what, it’s on **sale** and there are still some sizes left! This style was also offered in a brown color, but I tried it on in the store and it just wasn’t anything special. So far I’ve paired it with my go-to Old Navy Rockstar ripped blue skinnies and a white tee, with high waisted jeans and a bodysuit, a black lace dress, and this all black(ish) look. I love them all! It’s so freaking versatile.

Do you like my, “I’m on the phone” look? Lol! Trying to mix it up 😉

Lately I’ve been loving the half up topknot, it’s a great way to get my hair out of my face without putting it all up. Does anyone else feel like they look kind of bald with it all up? My fine haired sistas likely feel me on this!

By the by, these pics were taken in South Park and we stumbled upon the most interesting little shops while we were there. If you happen to be in the area you have to check out Tend. They have these super cool plant art pieces where the plans look alive, but they are actually preserved with glycerin. No upkeep! Plus the owner is super freaking awesome. Talk about good vibes…

Okay, enough blabbing. Later gators!

Photo credit: Sarah Jordan

Blush Trench

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

Today I want to share a trench I just bought and confess something – I broke my no shopping (with my own money) streak. I don’t feel all that bad about it…tho maybe I should? I made it about 2 months, which is really pretty good for me, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself. Hey, at least I tried!

This beautiful trench coat is what drove me off the rails. I spotted it (on sale) on Nordstrom’s website and knew it had to be mine. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Badgley Mischka has a more affordable brand called Belle – as I would never spend that kind of money on clothes. FYI it’s still on sale in 3 colors in some sizes! The fabric feels luxurious and and I really like how it’s an ideal mix between structured and flowy.

I often carry a scarf with me when I go out as you never know when it will come in handy to keep you warm and it’s a great accessory to change/spice up an outfit.

These are one of my very favorite pairs of jeans (old, similar here). I love the mid rise, so flattering! I’ve tried the fancy brands yet Old Navy and American Eagle remain my go-to stores for denim. When I was getting the link for these jeans I saw Old Navy has a great sale going on for today only! Free shipping on all orders, 30% off – no code needed – and ALL jeans are on sale!! I just bought the jeans in the link above for $18 – no joke!

It’s very “fashiony” to scrunch one’s sleeves and I like it because I run hot most of the time and it’s just plain functional. What about you, are you a scruncher? I have noticed that it works best with real leather jackets or when you roll the cuffs a bit (sloppy looks best IMO). It’s super irritating to have to keep pushing them up, no?

It was a super windy day and it started to rain right as we were wrapping up, so please forgive the messy hair. It started out looking good I swear! lol

Until next time…

Photo credit: Sarah Jordan

A Boho Kind of Day

Are you a hat person? I never really was until recently. Hats seem to be making a real comeback and I’m all about it!

I recently purchased this dress, which is currently on sale at Macy’s (also available in black) and at Bloomies for under $50 (best deal I could find right now) with a gift card I had saved since my birthday. When Shoptagr alerted me that it had dropped from $129 to $45 I jumped on it and I’m so glad I did! It’s comfy and flowy and I feel great it it! It comes with a detachable black v neck slip that I can wear with a lot of other things, so that was a nice bonus!

Once I had it on I knew it would be something I would wear over and over again. For a long time I bought things that were “a good deal,” but too often they would just sit in my closet unworn. I noticed that I had 2 issues: I’d buy things that were meant for occasions that didn’t really make sense with my lifestyle and I’d buy cheap things impulsively because the deal seemed so good.

Now that I keep a running list of items in my phone that I’d like to eventually buy to round out my wardrobe I find that I am much less impulsive with my shopping. And I actually want to wear ALL of my stuff. Eureka!!

I felt like this dress needed a little extra oomph so I grabbed my Free People Matador Hat, which has really served me well! It’s only available in one size and was a little loose so I had to get a little crafty to get the snug fit I needed – windy days would rip it right off my head. I ended up putting a foam strip with adhesive on the back that I randomly found in my house along the inner lining (I think they were leftover from installing my window A/C unit). Voila, fixed!

I would like to wear hats more often, but I sometimes end up feeling like I stick out a little too much. And I’m never really sure if I should take it off or leave it on indoors. A quick web search told me that most people just keep them on no matter where they go, FYI. Looking at these pictures now I’m even more inspired to wear hats. I like the look!

The only downside to this dress IMO is that it wrinkles easily. I have a steamer, which I 100% prefer to ironing, but still. Ugh, dealing with wrinkles is no fun. In this case I decided it’s still worth keeping, even though the dress started out wrinkle free before we got in the car to shoot these pics. Oh well, you can’t have everything I guess.

I hope you’re not sick of seeing this purse lol. Because it goes well with so much of what I own it’s on repeat. It was a great investment!

Smell ya later!

Photo credit: Leo Amar (thanks babe!)

Ladylike – with an Edge

Hello! I hope you’re having a fabulous day!

For those of you who haven’t read my earlier posts, I am in the midst of a 6 month no shopping challenge (giftcards excluded), which is actually super hard for me, but I’m staying strong! I was killing some time on Friday at Macy’s (dangerous) while I got a necklace clasp repaired and apparently I was there at a great time as a sale had just started.

I only found a couple of things that I liked and – if you can believe it – both items were fully paid for my by gift card! Woo hoo! This top is one of my (guilt-free) buys. Since peplum tops accentuate the waist by flaring out at the hips it’s very flattering. Plus it’s quite comfortable and stretchy!

I just stumbled upon it, but like it a lot. The necklace is detachable so it’s 2 outfits in 1! Gotta love that functionality! I’ve never bought anything from Thalia Sodi before, but she’s on my radar now. I felt like such a lady in this outfit, but with a hint of an edge. I could see this working really well for work or a night out.

Speaking of stretchy – I paired it with my go-to pencil skirt by Leith. I love that there are no buttons or zippers. It’s insanely comfy! It’s no longer available at Nordies, but here’s a similar option by the same brand in another color and here’s a shorter version.

If you haven’t heard of Macy’s Thanks for Sharing Program here are the deets: Each year for the last couple of years Macy’s has offered a program where you can get 10% back on any purchases you make using your Macy’s card during the holiday season. For each program enrollment, Macy’s will make a $10 donation to charity, up to a total of $15 million. Pretty cool!

There’s a $25 enrollment fee, but if you’re planning on buying some gifts from Macy’s you’ll likely get your money back and then some. At least I always have. I got $56 back this month, based on my purchases from September-December 2016! Which I spent within a week lol

I felt like my Sam Edelman pumps were a good complement to this outfit as it’s important to lengthen one’s legs as much as possible when wearing a midi skirt. Which means either skyscraper heels (which are not for me, I am all about comfort) or a nude heel.

I’ve wanted a peplum top for a while now as they are so darn cute and flattering. TIP: I keep a running list of items I want to eventually buy to round out my wardrobe in the list app on my phone. It works out really well! If you’re anything like me and your mind goes blank the second you walk into a store it can be a huge help in avoiding random impulse buys.

I loved how this top peeked out from the bottom of my jacket (old, similar here (on sale!) and here)!

I’ve enjoyed using my golf umbrella from Walmart. It’s only $14 and so big it that it keeps me nice and dry even on the rainiest days 🙂 I love the polka dots, but they have a bunch of different options.

I love an all black look. What about you?

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Getting a Glimpse of Spring

Hello! The weather was so nice during the early part of this week and that means it’s time to break out some more dresses!

I love this Free People (Penny Lane) dress so, so much! It’s yet another example of how I like to buy in multiples – I have another Penny Lane FP dress in another pattern/color. I’m sure you’ll see it on here soon!

It’s no longer available in stores, but I did see it’s currently available in a few colors and sizes on…you guessed it – Poshmark! That’s actually where I got it back in April. It was originally $128 and people are selling it for as little as $25! I am so tempted to buy another but I will try to stay strong. FYI It’s pretty oversized so I think it fits best if you size down, although it is a bit short. I’m wearing a small for reference and I’m a M or L in just about all other brands.

I want to clarify that I don’t get any money from PM, I just have found them to be a great place to check when something I’ve wanted to buy has sold out, is kind of old and no longer available in stores, or when I want to buy a backup of a piece I feel like I can’t live without. I’ve had great success buying items that were listed as new or used, but in excellent condition. You do have to pay for shipping, but there’s no sales tax!

Since it’s bordering on scandalously short I wear my bloomers underneath to ensure I don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions 😉 They are under $10 and if you hang them to dry instead of using the dryer they last forever! I like that the lace at the bottom makes it so that you don’t mind if they peek out a bit when moving around.

Being on the curvier side I don’t usually go for things without a defined waist, but I get so many compliments on this dress! I’ve actually had people stop me at some really random places to ask me where I got it. I’m not mad at it!

The sleeves come with a button so you can roll them up, but I’ve found that it looks better with the sleeves left unrolled in the smaller size.

I paired this dress with my vintage (well, maybe not vintage yet – it’s from the 90’s) Coach bag and I think they’ve a great match. I got it for a steal through Poshmark and I use it all the time. Quality lasts!

I’m curious, are you a primarily dress or pants girl? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Photo credit: Kate Amar (yay for tripods!)