B.P. Textured Stripe Slipdress and Nine West Platform Sandals

This dress was such a great find when I bought it last year, I was stoked to see it’s back in stock – in 3 colors this time! I think it’s a perfect LBD (little black dress). The fact that it has some texture to it, along with the lace trim and built in slip made it stand out from some of the other LBD’s out there. Plus, it’s super flattering!

I did size down as the reviews mentioned it fit on the big side and I’m glad I did. In B.P. I’d normally be a L, but the M in this fits great. The other colors are really nice and for the price (under $50) it’s tempting to buy another one!

I paired it with my Nine West Dempsey Sandals to give it a pop of color and I loved the overall look. These platform sandals are awesome!! They are quite walkable due to the platform and I am obsessed with the blue suede and the detail on the back. I want to wear them all the time! Some reviewers had an issue with the way they fit, but they actually worked quite well for me in my usual size.

I got this peacock feather pendant necklace from Forever21 a loong time ago and I wear it so much I had to superglue it back together at least once. I guess that’s to be expected with a necklace I paid less than $5 for!

I’ve never seen it come back in stock, but I did find this locket version on Etsy that I think is super cute! It’s pricier, but I like the idea of supporting artists or buying vintage over the cheap stuff. I’ve found some great stuff on Etsy that ended up being of great quality. Here’s a pretty close dupe that’s under $3!

I tend to run hot so I love a good kimono as a layer to throw on if it starts to get a bit nippy. This one is gorgeous! I find it works as well with a “fancy” outfit as it does with denim and a tee or tank.

Mine is a Nastygal purchase from a few years back and is no longer available, but this one is quite similar and here’s a cute option with fringe.I also found this one, which is insanely cheap, and looks exactly the same. I’ve never bought anything through www.AliExpress.com so I can’t vouch for the quality, but it’s a steal at less than $7.

Sorry if this is picture overload, but now that my hubby/photog are getting the hang of this whole photography thing it’s been hard to edit down all the great pics we get!

It was super awkward posing for pics and then reviewing them at first – I’m no model for sure – but it’s becoming more and more fun! Over time I’m curated my closet to the point where I want to wear everything I own and I want to help others  get to that same place. It’s such a great feeling to look in my closet and feel like I have a ton of options!

On that topic, I’ve developed a digital workbook that can help one develop their own personal style and create the wardrobe they’ve always wanted over time. If you’re interested in doing that for yourself write me in the comments section and I can give you some more details.

What’s your favorite LBD?

Hugs! Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Patterned Tunic Dress

When I find an item of clothing I love I buy it in a few colors/patterns. I can’t help myself!

This is the same Free People “Penny Lane” tunic/dress I wrote about back in February. It’s no longer available through the major retailers, but there are still a few out there that can be purchased through ebay and Poshmark.  Note: it runs pretty big so I would size down for the most flattering fit. I’m wearing a M here and a S in the red version from February. It’s a lot of material so I usually belt the M one.

I’ve listed some similar-ish FP dresses here, here, and here. There’s never a shortage of cute, boho dresses at www.freepeople.com!

I love how a good dress requires so little effort. You just throw it on and suddenly you look put together. The bonus of this dress is that I can be comfy all day long – no zippers or constricting waistbands here! However, since it’s on the short side it can show a little too much when the wind blows or you bend over so I always wear my bloomers underneath.

You can buy Free People knockoffs pretty easily these days through places like www.Milanoo.com and Forever 21, but I find that I prefer to wait for the real deal to go on sale. The extra little details are what make their items special and most of my FP pieces have held up. They just need a little care when laundering.

On that note: have you ever tried laundry wash bags? They are amazing! Anytime I have an item that snags other clothes or is super delicate (it’s great for bras, etc.) I just throw it in a laundry wash bag and wash it on cold/delicate it keeps it nice and safe. But still read those wash instructions, some materials just shouldn’t be washed no matter what.

I felt like I needed to wear my FP matador hat with this dress to go all out boho. I always run into an issue when I’m heading indoors wearing a hat…do I take it off? Do I leave it on and feel vaguely uncomfortable? What do you think? First world problems, eh? Haha!

I’ve worn this dress with many types of shoes (knee high black boots, sandals, wedges, etc.), but I think I like it best with these (cheap) peep toe booties. I was blown away by how comfy they are! I can walk in them all day long, no problem. Comfort is SO important to me. I find I rarely wear shoes/clothes if they aren’t comfortable. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I loved this spot, it’s actually only a few blocks from my apartment. I live in a great area where there are beautiful houses and amazing gardens. I am a lucky girl, it offers a never-ending supply of backdrops for my pics, not to mention great scenery for my daily walks!

While we were taking these pics we spotted a cute little hummingbird, but he had zero interest in me. He flew off as soon as I got close. Duh, right? I guess I was hoping for a Snow White moment or something. Maybe next time 😉

Have a fab day! Xoxo, Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar

My Take on the Denim Mini – and Peacocks!

Can you believe I’ve had this jean skirt since 2001?!

I actually still get most of my denim from American Eagle (gasp! lol). They have great stuff at good prices! Here are the 2017 versions of their denim skirts. The trends right now are higher waists, button fronts, longer lengths, and deconstructed skirts – of course www.ae.com has both. I like that mine is pretty classic – it still feels fresh all these years later! If I were to buy one right now it would probably be this one.

It certainly hasn’t fit me consistently over the last 16 years as my weight has fluctuated a good bit, but somehow I’ve managed to hang on to it. I have often gotten rid of things that I later regretted, so now I tend to just hang on to most of my stuff since everything comes back in style eventually – plus my style is pretty classic anyway I guess.  I love “rediscovering” gems in my closet that I’d forgotten about!

Yet again I paired this outfit with my go-to crossbody. It never fails me! I LOVE that I can fit my wallet, necessities, and my sunglasses case in there.

This blouse is a little old, but I’ve listed some new/similar versions from H&M here, here, and here. I love the fact that it doesn’t have a traditional collar. I have a short neck so it’s just more flattering.

I’m normally a huge fan of the “lazy tuck,” but sometimes that just looks a little too sloppy so I left the last button unbuttoned and tied the ends. I do this a lot with more casual shirts (flannels and whatnot), but I felt like it worked great with this blouse too.

While we were out “on location” (hehe) at Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park we happened upon some peacocks. They were super friendly and not at all camera shy!


This post is a lot longer than usual, but we got some really great shots so it was really hard to narrow it down!

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to visit my blog. Have a great day!!

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Matching vs. Coordinating

I have always had an obsession with making sure all of the colors within my outfits match – and I’m not just talking about the main pieces. Back in my school days I would even make sure my undies and makeup matched. Yes, I know that’s super weird!

Thankfully I’ve relaxed a bit over time, but I still find myself hesitating to put together an outfit if the colors don’t match exactly. When I added my orangey-red pumps this outfit I thought to myself, “but there’s no red in my kimono!” before I threw caution to the wind (heh) and went for it. Am I the only one who does this? I’m glad I did as I really liked this look.

I bought them from Macy’s as I had a gift card, but I noticed that you can get them as cheap as $25 from Bluefly with free shipping and $15 from Amazon, depending on the size. I even think they are a great deal at the regular price of $70. They are real suede, they come in multiple colors, they fit my wide feet in my usual size, and the heel height is great IMO.

Kimonos are an awesome layer for those days when it’s not quite cool enough for a sweater or jacket or to throw on over a swim suit (stay tuned for a future post doing just that). And I LOVE the fringe on this one! The sizing is generous due to the flowy fit so I could have probably made any of the sizes work, but I went with a M. FYI it also comes in a red version.

The most common way to wear a kimono seems to be over some kind of denim, but I liked how pairing it with these sateen X jeggings (currently on clearance, some sizes are still left) elevated the outfit a bit. They feel sumptuous! I’m rarely never accused of being too casual. 😉 Side note, American Eagle is having a 40% off sale on their new collection and BOGO 50% off for all jeans stores and online. Woot!

Sorry for the crazy hair, it felt like I was in a wind tunnel during this shoot. Grr.

I have worn this ivory camisole from Loft so much. My basics get a lot of use, so I try to buy stuff that’s of reasonably high quality. This one is old and no longer available, but I’ve listed some similar options from www.Express.com here and here.

Express is also having a sale today – 40% off and free shipping on $50! How cute is this black lace cami? I’d so buy that one if my husband wouldn’t kill me for it.

I am so into this mix and match charm necklace from INC. You just buy a full necklace and then you can buy as many additional pedants as you want so you can mix it up to your heart’s desire. What a clever idea! I wear it often and already have 5 pendants to choose from.

Yet again I’ve paired this outfit with my Vince Camuto “Ayla” saddlebag. More colors here. I wear it constantly and it still looks brand new! I love bags with a little shape. The ones I own that are unstructured just never seem to make the cut when I’m putting my outfits together.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings – or just checking out my pics. I hope you come back soon!

Have a great week! Xoxo, Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar

New Shoe Brand Discovery and Nasty Gal 40% Off Sale

These sandals rock! I have always been kind of super embarrassed by my wide feet – only recently have I come to accept that it’s completely out of my control and it’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. Actually, having wide feet comes in handy at times, like my naturally good balance. Thanks feet for the extra stable platform during yoga, haha!

I say all this because I think it’s important to embrace what makes us different/unique AND because I found a new shoe brand that makes shoes in a great range of sizes and widths (from 5-12, including narrow, wide, and double wide) that are actually cute. They are also super comfy. Score!!

These open toe sandals by Bella Vita have quite a few great features, including the side zipper that adds a stylish touch and makes them easy to get on and off, the block heel which makes them very stable/super walkable, a padded insole, perforated detail, and they are real leather (which I always prefer for durability).

I got them in “dark tan,” but almond and champagne are super cute as well! Not all of their shoes are my style, but I also really like these, these and these. This brand is definitely on my radar now!

These sandals go really well with a lot of different outfits (skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, dresses, skirts). I’ve already worn them a bunch of times and I feel like I can walk in them all day long, no problem. I wore them most recently with this high low BLQ dress that I got from www.nastygal.com a few years ago. It is SO COMFY.

It’s no longer available from Nasty Gal, but they have a very similar version at Revolve. FYI everything is 40% off right now at www.Nastygal.com! If only I had the budget for it I’d buy this crochet dress, this off the shoulder ruffle dress, and this Balmain-esque studded dress, to name only a few 😉

I do love me a high low dress, especially a flowy one!  Since this dress has a high neck I added my favorite necklace from www.forever21.com to draw the eye down a bit and deemphasize the boob region. I haven’t been able to find it since I bought it, but I’ve listed some other ones I have my eye on here and here. You just can’t beat F21’s jewelry prices!

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great weekend!

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Free People Babydoll

Is it possible to have too many Free People dresses? Based on my closet I’d have to say no way!

I have been tempted to buy some FP knockoffs at times (just search “boho” at www.Forever21.com and you’ll see what I mean), but I find that FP dresses have the extra little details that I really love.

Take this dress for example, I love the braided detail and the fact that it is fully lined. Plus the material is really nice – I find I gravitate toward the items in my closet that just feel good on. Is that true for you too? I’ve had this dress for a while, so it’s sold out in yellow, but it’s still available in ivory and black in Medium (65% off and under $40!). Ebay also has both colors in additional sizes available. I also have the red version and I love that one too!

We took these pics on the way home from my dad’s birthday brunch and we were a little rushed, so unfortunately we didn’t get any good pictures of the back. It probably looks best on smaller busted ladies who can get away with wearing no bra or a bralette, but this lady needs support! Since I have to wear a bra with it I just make sure it’s a pretty/complimentary color so it looks intentional.

I paired it with my vintage Coach purse that I got from www.Poshmark.com. It’s a classic and still in great shape. I have a feeling I’ll buy more vintage/used higher end bags in the future. In addition to PM, you can find designer used bags at www.tradesy.com and www.trendlee.com to name a few. It can save a bundle!

It’s tempting to throw a jean jacket over all of my daytime dresses, but I liked the way this looked with my American Rag jacket. It’s from a few seasons ago and sold old, but the new versions are here and here. I’m impressed by the quality for the price!

Again, I find that it’s the little details that make this jacket stand out. The drawstring at the waist offers some shape, the hood is actually functional, and the shoulder detail is super cute.

My shoes are also old and no longer available, but I’ve linked some similar-ish options here (love these!!) and here (I want these too!).

Thanks for visiting!! Xoxo, Kate

Photo credit: (Leo Amar)

Shorts Weather

The weather has been so nice lately – just warm enough, without being hot. I took advantage last week and pulled out my favorite shorts so my legs could get a little sun. It was heavenly!!

I don’t generally wear shorts as they are not always comfortable, but I LOVE these! They are super stretchy yet they don’t grow two sizes throughout the day. And they are a little longer than some of those teeny tiny shorts that seem to be in fashion these days.

Like many women, my weight fluctuates and sometimes I just want to wear something that’s not formfitting, but also avoid the “are you pregnant?” comments. The belt makes all the difference! This top is an old Anthropologie find, but I’ve listed some similar options here, here, and here). You can always DIY and add a belt if it doesn’t come with one! So helpful for us curvier ladies.

I love how nude wedges lengthen the leg without sacrificing comfort. Mine are old, but see some additional options I like for summer: here, here, and here. I like to be somewhat “strapped in” to my wedges for added stability. Falling is not fun!

I’ve been so enjoying all the blooming flowers lately. It’s just so darn pretty!! My neighbors probably think I’m crazy for stopping and smelling just about every flower along my walking path, but sorry, not sorry 😉

I hope you’re enjoying some spring-like weather too!

Thanks for reading! I’ll just be staring off into space/daydreaming until next time…hehe

Photo credit: Leo Amar (thanks babe, love you!)