Midi T-Shirt Dress

Even though I have tons of dresses (I’m not gonna lie, I have a dress obsession), I still like to feel like my clothes are versatile. While the material of this dress is pretty thin and the overall vibe is pretty casual, I wanted to see if I could make it a bit fancier by adding some dressier accessories. I’m pretty happy with the result!

This clutch is an old buy from Loft and no longer available, but here’s a similar option that’s 50% off and available in 4 colors! This one is also really nice and likely higher quality (also on sale!). The collar necklace is also old, but here’s a look-a-like option that’s on sale. And here’s the gold plated (i.e. pricey) dup.

This dress is perfect for the summer months; it’s very lightweight, but not sheer, and it dries super fast. The material has an almost faux suede-like quality to it – it feels really nice to the touch.

Forever 21 is so dangerous! The prices can’t be beat of course, but have you seen their selection of summer dresses lately? I had to force myself to close my browser before I bought the whole lot. In case you’re in the market here are the ones that I would buy, if I could: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

A midi dress can sometimes be hard to pull off, especially when one is “vertically challenged,” but I do think that they can work for everyone. The key is to hem it if needed so it doesn’t go lower than mid calf and wear some shoes that offer a little extra height. Bonus leg lengthening points if the shoe is nude like these block heel pumps.

FYI In case you’re wondering what that line across my bust is I wore this dress to the dentist’s office before snapping these pics and I didn’t notice it until I started writing this post. Whoops! I’m not gonna say it’s slobber, but I won’t say it’s not either. Haha, it could have just been a mark from my crossbody bag too ūüėČ

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fab day!

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Wedding Season


This time of year many of us find ourselves with at least one wedding invitation and then we have to figure out what to wear. Considering that weddings can run the gamut from super casual to black tie, it can sometimes be tricky to chose the right wedding attire.

I recently “rediscovered” this pink maxi dress in my closet and realized it would be a great summer wedding-attending dress. While this dress is no longer available, I’ve listed a few similar options here¬†(on sale!), here (super affordable!)¬†here, and here¬†(obsessed with this one and it has sleeves!).

IMO these heels¬†are the perfect shoes for any formal-ish event. I can’t believe how comfortable they are! Plus, they are very affordable! Kelly & Katie is a new brand to me, but I’m so keeping it in mind for the future. The 3 inch heel and wider toe strap help the comfort factor a lot. They’re not real leather, but for the price I’m okay with that.

The pearl bracelet I’m wearing is from J.Crew, I bought it for my own wedding. But I found a very similar one that’s majorly on sale! ¬†The clutch actually came free with some Victoria’s Secret lotions. It’s pretty darn cute for a freebie! I also love this trio of pouches¬†that could easily double as clutches and this oversized clutch, which comes in 3 colors – both currently on sale! For a really dressy occasion I would carry this minaudi√®re or this sparkly clutch. I love rose gold.

Not all invites will specify a dress code and when that happens you can usually get an idea of what’s most appropriate by taking the venue, style of invitation, and time of day into account.

For example, for a church wedding you’ll want to make sure you cover your shoulders and keep hemlines appropriate for a place of worship. This one would be a great choice. Also, if it’s a daytime wedding it’s usually a good idea to avoid wearing black and go for brighter colors instead.

I spotted this purple maxi dress, which is quite similar to the dress I’m wearing in this post. Here’s an adorable cocktail length option. And how cute is this black and white number¬†for daytime weddings and beyond? I love a dress that can be worn for many different occasions.

Even when an invite does offer a dress code they can sometimes be hard to decipher. Here are some tips on the different terms you might encounter in order of dressiest to most casual:

White tie: floor length gown

Black tie: floor length gown or dressy knee length cocktail dress

Formal: long gown or dressy cocktail dress (keep in mind separates can work here too, as long as they’re not too casual)

Semi-formal: cocktail dress

Casual: this could be anything from BBQ attire to a cute summer dress, depending on the couple

When in doubt I say it’s better to err on the side of fancier than risk being too casual.

A knee-length cocktail dress is almost always a safe bet. My go-to place for wedding appropriate dresses is White House Black Market. They have a ton of classy options and the website even has a section for “wedding guest dresses¬†(FYI they are all on sale right now!).”

If you have any other wardrobe related quandaries let me know in the comments. Hugs, Kate

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Going Gray/Old Navy Sale Alert

I love these¬†pumps! I haven’t worn this kind of shoe much since I started working from home, but I’ve been catching myself finding excuses to wear these. They’re so cute! I can tell these are quality shoes too. They’re a little pricey, but I got them for over $100 off – woot (thanks DSW)!

I love the d’Orsay cut (which means the arch is exposed on one or both sides and has a low cut vamp, i.e. they show more toe), the half suede, half leather, and the height. I have a wide foot so I’ll need to break them in a bit before they are fully comfy, but I’m ok with that. They still are quite comfortable.

These jeans/jeggings are from Old Navy and a part of the “Rockstar” line.¬†They are a few years old, but I’ve listed a few options that are currently available here:¬†1, 2¬†– I’m seriously considering buying these!, 3.

FYI Old Navy is offering 30% off today only, no code needed (the discount is applied automatically at checkout – free shipping on $50)! I really like the cut of this line, just beware that the fit can vary a lot from pair to pair, depending on the materials used and amount of lycra/spandex. Most are super stretchy so while these are a 12, I need a 10 or maybe even an 8 in certain colors.

I love a mid rise jean! I’m short waisted so you might not think they’d work for me, but they’re awesome for eliminating the dreaded muffin top! What do you like best, a low, mid, or high rise jean?

This is a tad embarrassing, but this is the 3rd (yep, third!)¬†Vince Camuto Ayla¬†bag I’ve bought (I already have the crossbody¬†and satchel – both currently on sale!). I broke down and got the tote version when I spotted it on sale for over $200 off. At that price I couldn’t resist. There’s something about the braiding and overall style of the Ayla bags that I’m obsessed with. Obvi, right?! I love that this version is large enough to stow a pair of heels!

This top is an old find from Anthropologie. I shopped there a lot back when I worked downtown and they have an awesome selection of work appropriate and more casual pieces that have a lot of personality. I’ve listed some great options that are currently available here, here, and here.

Tip: go to an Anthro store on Wednesdays and shop online on Mondays to check out the “fresh cuts.” Those are the days they put out fresh sale items! I have rarely paid full price for anything at Anthro – I’m not made of money!

Normally I’d wear a cami under this shirt as it’s pretty sheer, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and go a little risque – well, risque for me anyway ūüėČ My limit for sheerness without a base layer is if the old belly button shows, I’m not down with that.

FYI this is not my house, but I wish it was! We took these pics in Bressi Ranch, a super cute little neighborhood close to my apartment. You’ll probably see a lot more of this little community in my upcoming posts because each house is beautiful and has so much personality – not to mention beautiful landscaping, which I am a sucker for! I can’t wait to have my own house one day, I’ll probably spend all my time in the yard.

See you next time! Xoxo, Kate

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Off the Shoulder Striped Dress/Some Flat Shoe Options

Hey there! While it hasn’t felt like summer lately, I had to take this dress¬†(wearing size L) for a spin anyway. I love it! It’s listed as a mini on the website, but it’s long enough that it doesn’t feel scandalous, it can be worn with or without the tie, and it’s not see through so it doesn’t require a slip. It’ll be awesome for those super hot days.

I’ll likely wear this dress quit a bit this summer, the only downside I’ve found so far is that it wrinkles really easily. But hey, it’s a lot more affordable than this dress that I had been eying! I actually can’t decide which way I like it better, tied or no tie. What do you think? Accentuating the waist is normally a must, but I quite like how it looks without being cinched at the waist. Maybe I’ll try it next with a belt…

As I get older I find I want to wear heels more and more often – maybe I associate them with being “grown up?” There’s something about a good pair of heels that just makes me feel girly and want to strut my stuff! I’ve wanted to get a pair of ankle strap sandals for a loong time now, but I guess I had the idea in my head that they wouldn’t be comfortable or I wouldn’t get much use from them.

I only bought these ankle strap heels on Memorial Day weekend (during my DSW shopping spree – the sales were crazy good!), but I can already tell I’ll wear them a lot. I’m asking myself why I waited so long! The key is treating them like jeans and trying on a ton of options until you find the right one. I tried on what felt like a million different versions of this shoe and this pair was the clear winner of the bunch.

The wider straps on these heels is what I think makes them more comfortable, plus they are under 4″, which is just too high for me to wear for any length of time. And they go with EVERYTHING! They are faux leather, so we’ll see if they hold up, but so far so good!

I know heels are not for everyone and I got a request for some ideas for cute, work appropriate flats. I found a ton on DSW’s website!¬†I don’t wear flats all that much, unless it’s a summery sandal, because I tend to get blisters with flats. I’m considering buying a few pairs of flats now though, look how cute these (1¬†– perfect for work and they have great reviews, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6¬†– great for dresses!, 7, 8, 9) are! I even found a lower heeled version of the pumps featured in my next post!

Don’t mind me, I’m just admiring the view – lol!

See you later! Love, Kate

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Making June Gloom a Little Less Gloomy

Can you believe it was 64 degrees when we shot these pics? That feels crazy as so many places are getting hot right now. However, it was a great opportunity to pull out my¬†Free People “Malibu” thermal one last time before it warms up. FYI Nordies¬†still has brown in stock for only¬†$40 and this site has a bunch of colors, almost all of which are on sale!

I also have the “Sunset Park” and I almost bought the “Kate.” Free people makes great thermals and they come out with a new version each year. I love how the back of this thermal just hangs. It’s also extremely comfortable. Just make sure to hand wash it or use a washing bag to keep it from fraying like crazy.

Almost all FP stuff tends to be oversized so if you don’t size down the neckline can dip a little low. I like to wear¬†a lacy cami underneath so it can peek out a bit and my new cami from Express was perfect! I saw it’s only available in M in black right now, but the “chianti” and “cardinal red” are both cute and still available. Here’s an affordable option that would probably be great for layering.

These low block heel pumps are not a style¬†I would normally go for, but since they were an exact match for my skin tone, have a flattering pointy toe, and I found them in the clearance section of DSW over Memorial Day weekend¬†I just couldn’t resist taking them home with me. They are so darn comfortable I can see myself wearing them quite a bit. Probably next time with a dress.

My jeans are from a while ago, but AE still offers some very similar styles. This one is the closest to mine (40% off and still available in a few sizes), this is a cute cropped option (currently 50% off), and this is a similar pair without the rips (40% off, only a few sizes available).

Keep in mind that the distressing varies from jean to jean so the rips/distressing might look a little different than the pictures online. I love a cropped or ankle jean for showing off great footwear!

What’s your go-to gloomy day outfit?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

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Turquoise Ankle Strap Heels


I’ve never owned a pair of shoes from Adrienne Vittadini, but I snagged this¬†“Neni” pump¬†(available in 5 colors) from DSW’s clearance section for a steal! I was stoked to find out DSW sometimes does sales where they take an additional % off of the already twice reduced clearance prices. I have a feeling¬†I’ll be going back when they offer a sale like that again!

I used to avoid ankle strap heels as my ankles are – let’s just say sturdy – and I’d always heard that they visually shorten the leg. While that may be true, I LOVE this pair! Isn’t the scallop detail adorable?

Luckily the height of these heels is manageable. I just can’t wear anything higher than 3.5-3.75 inches for very long. Comfort is too important to me. And hobbling around in pain or because you feel like you’re wearing stilts is just not a good look. Not to mention it makes it hard to feel¬†confident. Wearing clothes confidently is imperative¬†for looking stylish!

My dress is older and no longer available, but have you checked out the¬†Eva Mendes Collection¬†from New York & Company? There are some seriously cute pieces! And they are quite affordable. This blouse¬†and matching¬†skirt¬†caught my eye.¬†I’ve never really bought matching separates, but I can see how it would allow for tons of styling options.

I’m not usually one to go for boldly patterned pants, but how cute is this palazzo pant? This maxi skirt reminds me of a style of skirt Free People sells – at a much lower price point. And I wouldn’t mind adding this dress and this dress to my closet! Not to mention the cute accessories. Random side note, but doesn’t Eva look crazy similar to¬†Sophia Loren?

This jacket is also an older find from Nordstrom Rack (if you have the patience, scouring the racks in-store really pays off! But you can find great stuff online too), so it’s not currently available. Here (1, 2, 3, 4) are a few faux leather jackets that I really like. The bonus is that many of them are discounted due to the changing weather – plus Nordies always offers free shipping!

I’m obviously not a famous blogger, so a professional¬†photog is out of the question. Thank goodness my husband is ah-mazing and takes my pics for me. He used to dread our shoots,¬†but now he’s started giving me notes on poses and whatnot, experimenting with¬†different angles, and even freely offering his thoughts on which pics I should use for this blog. Isn’t he the best?!

Until next time my friends – be well!

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Sanctuary Spring Fling Dress

This dress is yet another example of something I loved so much that I bought it in multiples. This color/pattern is no longer available, but Sanctuary offers this dress in a TON of other patterns. My top picks are Sunset Boho, Midnight Garden, Sun Bleached Tile, and Cameo Pink Sprout.

It has all the features I love – it’s comfortable, flattering, and fits me even if I go up a few pounds. I also really love that it has 2 layers. It lacks the ability to wear it with a standard bra, but I guess you can’t have everything.

To me it’s the perfect summer dress. It’s great for hot summer days, but you can also throw a leather jacket on top and poof, it’s ready for date night.

Every girl needs a good sun hat, no? I love Rag & Bone and would have loved to have bought this hat if I could swing it, but it is well outside of my price range. When I found this hat on clearance at Nordies I was stoked! It sold out quickly, but how cute are these options??

These wedges are from ages ago, but I would buy these, these (the tassel!!), and these if I needed a good neutral wedge for summer.

Sorry if this is picture overload, but the hubs and I found a place over by Lake San Marcos that offered a ridiculous amount of cute backdrops.

Sadly the Boathouse was closed when we stopped by, but I want to check it out. I am a sucker for eating by any body of water.

Is it just me or is the cutest bench ever? If I were criminally minded (don’t worry, I’m not!) I would steal this bench for my house.

What’s our favorite summer dress? Or are you more of a shorts person?

I love this last shot, but man does it remind me I need to even out my tan lines Рsheesh! Do you struggle with athletic shoe tan issues too?

Byeeee! I hope you visit again soon!

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A Pop of Cognac

I see this faux leather jacket so¬†often on Pinterest and Instagram that I think it’s safe to say it’s attained cult favorite status. I bought it a few years back so Nordie’s doesn’t currently have it available in this color, but they still offer it in black. It’s arguably even cuter in black! I’ve also seen it in blush in the past and wish I had snapped it up while I had the chance!

I love that it fits closely to the body – boxy does not work on me – and that it’s lightweight, but doesn’t look super cheap. The zippers and shape give it a sexy edge and it can be worn with a variety of outfits. I rarely pay full price for anything, but this gem might just be worth¬†it.

Cognac is such a classy color, this jacket was a great way to add a little color to this all black look I wore recently. The weather has been vacillating¬†between “May grey” to sunny so it’s nice to have a lightweight jacket for when the marine layer rolls in.

I haven’t worn it enough to¬†know personally, but I’ve heard from some other bloggers that it gets even softer with time. That’s quite a feat for a faux leather jacket!

My Jeffrey Campbell shoes are an ooollllld purchase and I haven’t seen any look-a-likes in a while, but I did find some similar options in a few heel heights (low, higher, and highest). I love the idea of a “shootie,” as I always feel more stable in a heel that straps me in. The platform makes these heels comfy enough to walk around in all day long!

I’ve searched for years for a basic black camisole that checks all my boxes (not too tight in the bust, not too low that it’s hard to find an appropriate strapless bra, not too long). This one did so I wanted to share it with y’all.

I can already tell it’s going to be a staple in my coset. I can’t wait to wear it under a sweater with a deep v and with distressed jeans and my suede oxblood moto jacket¬†(FYI the suede¬†jacket is still available in M and it’s on sale!).

I definitely prefer cognac to most other brown tones. What about you – what’s your favorite neutral?

Thanks for visiting, see you soon!

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INC Yvvon Crossbody Bag

I haven’t bought cheaper (non leather) bags in the last few years as I really value quality items that last, but I made an exception for this bag.¬†¬† It’s also offered in velvet, with a gold tassel, and in a couple of colors in a very similar version with a turn lock instead of the tassel. All of them are on sale right now!

Apparently it’s a dupe for a¬†much more expensive Rebecca Minkoff bag. Thanks reviewer for the info! I really like that it’s structured enough that it retains it’s shape and it goes with a lot of different outfits. Plus the multicolored tassel is a fun detail.

I am all about versatility so when I realized that it could be worn as a crossbody or a shoulder bag I was in! You can also tuck the strap in and use it as a clutch. 3 purses in 1?? Yes please!

My shirt dress is no longer available, but I’ve listed some similar dresses here, here, and here. And here’s a similar option for the¬†petite ladies out there.

These booties are older and only available in size 10 and 11 at this point, but I’ve listed¬†my top picks for black¬†booties here¬†(50% off!), here¬†(62% off!)¬†and here¬†(59% off!).

What’s your favorite type of purse (Crossbody, tote, satchel, shoulder bag)? Or are you a backpack person?

Thanks so much for visiting!! I hope you come back soon!

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FP True to You Maxi Skirt

I can’t even tell you how much I love this skirt¬†(on sale!)! It’s so light and airy; it feels great when I walk around. I love that it has an elastic waist – most of the maxi skirts Free People puts out don’t have this feature and for me it’s a must. Comfort is key! Isn’t the tassel detail cute? We shot these pics on a particularly cloudy day so it’s a little hard to tell, but it has a built in half slip as it’s a tiny bit sheer.

It’s also offered in dark blue. I had a hard time deciding between the two when I was determining how to use my gift card. I got it in a size larger than I would normally just to make sure it wasn’t restrictive so it’s a lot longer on my 5’7 frame than it is on the models online, but it ended up being perfect when worn at the natural waist with a lower heel.

I’ve had this maxi skirt for a while so I’ve already worn it a few ways. It looks super cute with a tank in a complementary color with a lace bralette peeking out on a warm day, with a chunky knit sweater on a cold day, or like I wore it here with a basic white tee. This one is a favorite. It’s very comfy and I like that the pocket isn’t too droopy. Those can sometimes look a little strange/sloppy on me.

I’m short waisted so maxi skirts can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. If I wear it at my natural waist with a tucked-in top it can make me look disproportionate, but by pulling them hem out a little and making it into a curve it keeps me from looking like I don’t have a midsection.

A crop top (if you dare!) can also work really well with maxi skirts. I have one very similar to this one and it works great. I also like this one and this one. A¬†bodysuit (love this one for it’s smoothing properties!) is also a good option.

I used to stick to one type of metal at a time, but I’ve come to enjoy mixing metals. Isn’t¬†this bracelet cute? I love rose gold and it’s only $8! I thought it complemented the pinky tones of the skirt quite well.

There’s something about maxi skirts that makes me feel extra feminine. What makes you feel girly? That’s my “what do you think?” look below.¬†ūüėČ

Have a fab day!

Photo credit: the awesome Mr. Leo Amar