Enjoying the Now // Band Tees (30% off all AE tops thru 10/17 – no code needed)

I have been all about the band tees lately. Not only are they easy to wear and comfortable, but they up the cool factor of any outfit. I’ve been wearing them a lot lately when I hike as they protect my decolletage from the sun.

The tee I’m wearing in this shot is actually a somewhat older purchase so I didn’t see it online, but this one is pretty darn similar and on sale! Lucky Brand always has good options and I especially want this one as I have a powerful love for Freddie Mercury.

Macy’s is also a great place to find affordable band tees. This one looks uber comfy. And I’ve also had good luck with the graphic tees from AE. One bit of advice – get the tee of a band you actually like. I once bought a Joy Division tee from Urban Outfitters and I didn’t even realize what it was and it led to a few embarrassing moments! Haha.

Personally, I think AE makes the best affordable jeans and shorts. These shorts are quite old, but if I were to buy a pair now I’d buy these midis. I love the distressing.

Side note: did you know that American Eagle’s reward program – AEO Connected – now gives you a free pair of jeans after you purchase 5 pairs? I  got an email about it the other day and it made me way too happy lol. I think this is a much better benefit than getting a $15 off or 20% off coupon or something similar. I just love the idea that I can go into an AE store or jump online and grab a completely free pair of jeans. Thanks AE!!

I don’t always pair booties with shorts (Leo asked me during this blog shoot if “people” wear boots with shorts, ha!), but they definitely add to the edgy factor so for this look they just made sense. I bought these booties to replace and old pair and I like them even better! The heel height is perfect for walking all day, the wide ankle opening doesn’t pinch, and the texture of the leather is just so good! I might even have to buy the other version in brown.

Sometimes I’ll put on an outfit and feel like it’s missing something. In this case it needed a little color so adding a scarf to my bag gave it a little extra visual interest. When it gets cooler you can add a layer, but until then it’s best to get creative with one’s accessories. I could have also worn the scarf around my neck or wrist or added some bold jewelry or a hat. It’s all about the details!

Deep thought of the week: right now we’re experiencing that time of year where the temps can still climb to 80 or more, yet it never feels all that hot. So as much as I want to break out my sweaters and layer it up it’s not quite time. So instead of lamenting the fact that it’s not yet “cold enough” I’m looking at it as an opportunity to enjoy some last minute beach trips and wear my summer clothes.

I’ve been noticing more and more lately that many of us spend a huge amount of time wishing things were different. Have you noticed that even when things are awesome the mind wants us to find imperfections? Wishing we were somewhere else/doing something else can be a real fun-sucker. When we’re not in the here and now we miss so much. So my goal is to find the perfection in every moment, no matter the circumstances – aim high, right? 😉

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Photo Credit: Leo Amar

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  1. I’ll have to check out AE jeans! Love your hair and your message about finding the perfection in each moment.

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