Getting a Glimpse of Spring

Hello! The weather was so nice during the early part of this week and that means it’s time to break out some more dresses!

I love this Free People (Penny Lane) dress so, so much! It’s yet another example of how I like to buy in multiples – I have another Penny Lane FP dress in another pattern/color. I’m sure you’ll see it on here soon!

It’s no longer available in stores, but I did see it’s currently available in a few colors and sizes on…you guessed it – Poshmark! That’s actually where I got it back in April. It was originally $128 and people are selling it for as little as $25! I am so tempted to buy another but I will try to stay strong. FYI It’s pretty oversized so I think it fits best if you size down, although it is a bit short. I’m wearing a small for reference and I’m a M or L in just about all other brands.

I want to clarify that I don’t get any money from PM, I just have found them to be a great place to check when something I’ve wanted to buy has sold out, is kind of old and no longer available in stores, or when I want to buy a backup of a piece I feel like I can’t live without. I’ve had great success buying items that were listed as new or used, but in excellent condition. You do have to pay for shipping, but there’s no sales tax!

Since it’s bordering on scandalously short I wear my bloomers underneath to ensure I don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions 😉 They are under $10 and if you hang them to dry instead of using the dryer they last forever! I like that the lace at the bottom makes it so that you don’t mind if they peek out a bit when moving around.

Being on the curvier side I don’t usually go for things without a defined waist, but I get so many compliments on this dress! I’ve actually had people stop me at some really random places to ask me where I got it. I’m not mad at it!

The sleeves come with a button so you can roll them up, but I’ve found that it looks better with the sleeves left unrolled in the smaller size.

I paired this dress with my vintage (well, maybe not vintage yet – it’s from the 90’s) Coach bag and I think they’ve a great match. I got it for a steal through Poshmark and I use it all the time. Quality lasts!

I’m curious, are you a primarily dress or pants girl? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Photo credit: Kate Amar (yay for tripods!)