Personal Challenge

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I have this wonderful/dangerous weekend routine where I lay in bed for hours and read magazines and shop online before I get my day started…I wake up pretty early. It’s a true luxury and I end up finding some seriously great deals (mainly using’s wishlist, where they alert you when an item you bookmarked goes on sale) so it can be really hard to resist buying new clothes and accessories.

I’ve tried doing other things, but I can’t seem to avoid taking a look around online for deals at my favorite sites (,, and, etc.). So I’ve decided to undertake a personal challenge where I won’t allow myself to buy anything new for 6 (gulp!) months. My husband doesn’t believe I can do it so I’m extra motivated!

I have told myself I can spend money to modify/alter/fix pieces I already own, but I can’t buy anything new. The plan is to “shop my closet” since I already have just about everything I could need. You can probably tell from the pics below of my current closet that I have plenty of great stuff AND I have the bedroom closet all to myself. Isn’t my husband the best?!! Sorry it’s a bit of a mess, but this is how it really looks day to day. I’m not a huge fan of bloggers who make everything look so perfect, I’d rather keep it real!

Wish me luck!!