Shorts Weather

The weather has been so nice lately – just warm enough, without being hot. I took advantage last week and pulled out my favorite shorts so my legs could get a little sun. It was heavenly!!

I don’t generally wear shorts as they are not always comfortable, but I LOVE these! They are super stretchy yet they don’t grow two sizes throughout the day. And they are a little longer than some of those teeny tiny shorts that seem to be in fashion these days.

Like many women, my weight fluctuates and sometimes I just want to wear something that’s not formfitting, but also avoid the “are you pregnant?” comments. The belt makes all the difference! This top is an old Anthropologie find, but I’ve listed some similar options here, here, and here). You can always DIY and add a belt if it doesn’t come with one! So helpful for us curvier ladies.

I love how nude wedges lengthen the leg without sacrificing comfort. Mine are old, but see some additional options I like for summer: here, here, and here. I like to be somewhat “strapped in” to my wedges for added stability. Falling is not fun!

I’ve been so enjoying all the blooming flowers lately. It’s just so darn pretty!! My neighbors probably think I’m crazy for stopping and smelling just about every flower along my walking path, but sorry, not sorry 😉

I hope you’re enjoying some spring-like weather too!

Thanks for reading! I’ll just be staring off into space/daydreaming until next time…hehe

Photo credit: Leo Amar (thanks babe, love you!)

Last Bit of Christmas

Hey y’all! I spotted this perfectly good tree in my friend Sarah’s alley and I couldn’t resist using it as a little background. It’s a shame we use Christmas trees for such a short time, no? Why do I always get into the holiday spirit so late in the game? Is it just me??

I was so happy that I was able to wear this coat recently! I bought it from Anthropologie (on super sale, of course!) for a trip to Minnesota at least 5 years ago, but I haven’t worn it much at all beyond that trip. It did save me from freezing in the -15 degree weather near lake Superior though. Brr!

It just feels so luxurious! I love the lining, diagonal zipper, and the fact that it has a built in scarf! I love pieces that can worn multiple ways, don’t you? Plus it’s a classic color, super warm, and adds a bit of polish to any outfit.

Take this outfit for instance. My AE jeggings and FP thermal (similar) are pretty darn causal, but they look quite a bit more stylish when paired with this great wool coat. I get so much wear out of this thermal and jeggings, they are both staples in my closet for sure.

And my Sam Edelman Lisle Booties (no longer for sale, similar here and here) probably get the most use of all my shoes. I love them so much that I’ve actually bought the same bootie in 3 more colors when I’ve seen them offered at a huge discount. They are so insanely comfortable and go with everything!

On a side note, this “no shopping” challenge I’ve taken on is already soo hard! I’ve been very tempted by a few great deals lately, but I’m staying strong! I’m starting to wonder if 6 months was a bit unrealistic, but I’m gonna give it my best shot! This blog has gotten me pretty excited to see how much I can do with my current wardrobe AND I’m realizing that I can probably avoid repeating an outfit for years…

Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!

Photo credit: Sarah Jordan