My Take on the Denim Mini – and Peacocks!

Can you believe I’ve had this jean skirt since 2001?!

I actually still get most of my denim from American Eagle (gasp! lol). They have great stuff at good prices! Here are the 2017 versions of their denim skirts. The trends right now are higher waists, button fronts, longer lengths, and deconstructed skirts – of course has both. I like that mine is pretty classic – it still feels fresh all these years later! If I were to buy one right now it would probably be this one.

It certainly hasn’t fit me consistently over the last 16 years as my weight has fluctuated a good bit, but somehow I’ve managed to hang on to it. I have often gotten rid of things that I later regretted, so now I tend to just hang on to most of my stuff since everything comes back in style eventually – plus my style is pretty classic anyway I guess.  I love “rediscovering” gems in my closet that I’d forgotten about!

Yet again I paired this outfit with my go-to crossbody. It never fails me! I LOVE that I can fit my wallet, necessities, and my sunglasses case in there.

This blouse is a little old, but I’ve listed some new/similar versions from H&M here, here, and here. I love the fact that it doesn’t have a traditional collar. I have a short neck so it’s just more flattering.

I’m normally a huge fan of the “lazy tuck,” but sometimes that just looks a little too sloppy so I left the last button unbuttoned and tied the ends. I do this a lot with more casual shirts (flannels and whatnot), but I felt like it worked great with this blouse too.

While we were out “on location” (hehe) at Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park we happened upon some peacocks. They were super friendly and not at all camera shy!


This post is a lot longer than usual, but we got some really great shots so it was really hard to narrow it down!

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to visit my blog. Have a great day!!

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Oxblood Suede Quilted Moto Jacket

Hey! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet.

I love this jacket!! I actually heard about it through Erica at She has such awesome style!! I snagged it when it went on super sale during the holidays and I’m so glad I did! I usually stick to faux leather jackets, but this just feels SO much better than the faux stuff and I can tell it will really last.

Oxblood is such a great color and – as Mugatu from Zoolander would say – “it’s so hot right now.” It’s stands out a little more than your standard neutrals like black and brown, but it still feels like a neutral as it goes with almost anything! I get a lot of compliments on this one!

And guess what, it’s on **sale** and there are still some sizes left! This style was also offered in a brown color, but I tried it on in the store and it just wasn’t anything special. So far I’ve paired it with my go-to Old Navy Rockstar ripped blue skinnies and a white tee, with high waisted jeans and a bodysuit, a black lace dress, and this all black(ish) look. I love them all! It’s so freaking versatile.

Do you like my, “I’m on the phone” look? Lol! Trying to mix it up 😉

Lately I’ve been loving the half up topknot, it’s a great way to get my hair out of my face without putting it all up. Does anyone else feel like they look kind of bald with it all up? My fine haired sistas likely feel me on this!

By the by, these pics were taken in South Park and we stumbled upon the most interesting little shops while we were there. If you happen to be in the area you have to check out Tend. They have these super cool plant art pieces where the plans look alive, but they are actually preserved with glycerin. No upkeep! Plus the owner is super freaking awesome. Talk about good vibes…

Okay, enough blabbing. Later gators!

Photo credit: Sarah Jordan

Double the (Faux) Fur Fun

Hi there! I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures from a trip to the mountains a couple of weekends back.  With all the rain we’ve been getting lately I couldn’t not go (sorry for the double negative) and see the snow. I love that in San Diego we have the beach, mountains, and so many other beautiful places all just a short drive away!

I recently found out about Zella, a Nordstrom brand, which is pretty widely known for being similar to Lululemon at much better prices. A blogger that I love, Jean from Extra Petite, tipped me off to them and I am so glad she did! While she and I have totally different body types, I love her posts and style. Check her out if you get a chance! The Live In Leggings really live up to their name. They are pricier than I usually go for, but I find myself reaching for them constantly! They are most substantial than your typical leggings, so they can be used for workouts if desired.

It was a ton of fun seeing the snow capped mountains up close, but man was it busy up there! People congregated at every little patch of snow we drove by. The snow is something quite special for us So Cal folks! I guess everyone else had the same bright idea we did.

Leo laughed at me for this, but honestly more than anything I was excited to break out my Sorel snow boots! They are about $180 at full price, which is pretty expensive for something I might only use a few times each year, but of course I got a great deal. Plus I justified the purchase by thinking, “well, now I have them if I need them for a spontaneous trip!” Right?Right?! Lol

I didn’t realize quite how bulky my trusty American Eagle parka (old, similar) was until I took a look at these pictures, but it’s lined with faux fur so it’s a little hard not to look a little lumpy I guess. Luckily it has an inner drawstring that allows for a little shape.

It sure did keep me warm and toasty and it’s proved to be a great purchase. I’ve had it for at least 5 years (bought at a super discount, natch) and it never disappoints! Here it is 2 years ago when we went on a ghost tour of San Diego for my bithday, which was soo much fun! That’s my beautiful bestie Tonya with me in the pic, btw 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

A Chilly Day in OB

I love this Hinge sweater so much that I (gasp!) paid full price for it, which I NEVER do. Thanks hubs! I wish I could wear it everyday. It kept me nice and cozy during my recent jury duty. It is so incredibly soft!

I love the open back, it gives it a little extra oomph. I don’t even mind that it adds a little bulk to my frame – and that says a lot! It is listed as “ivory shell” online, but this is a very soft pink in person. I got this in a small, so I would say it runs pretty big as I am normally a medium or a large.


Please forgive the sloppy hair, I haven’t had it cut since March so it’s just way too long. Thankfully I’m getting it cut on 12/22. Yippee!


This Vince Camuto bag is a recent Black Friday purchase (it’s currently 50% off!), I freaking love it! And I got it for quite a steal! It’s the perfect size for everyday use and the color (black cherry) goes well with just about anything, without being the typical black or brown.


I actually got this Bill Blass coat from a Burlington Coat Factory (well it was called that back then, I guess they dropped the “Coat Factory” part at some point) in Indiana over a decade ago. It has definitely stood the test of time and I still get compliments on it. Sadly, I don’t get to wear coats all that often in San Diego, but that just means less wear and tear! I occasionally have to snip off a thread here and there, but it still looks great. It’s also a smidge small (I did buy it when I was about 18), but I’m still gonna wear it! Haha!

These Sam Edelman pumps are another recent purchase and I LOVE them! I have a really wide foot and I was lucky enough to snag these in a wide size and they fit perfectly! San Edelman is one of my very favorite shoe designers and I have more pairs of Sam Edelman shoes and booties than any other brand. He knows how to make a cute, yet walkable shoe! I’m not the biggest fan of wearing heels all day, but these 3″ babies are about as comfy as it gets. I buy just about everything online so wasn’t sure if the color (golden caramel) would be too dark, but I think it’ll do just fine. They actually look like a perfect match to my skin tone indoors.


I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures but the pants I’m wearing (American Eagle Sateen jegging) have a unique feel to them. They feel almost like a  microsuede or something. My clothes have to be comfortable for me to wear them and these are no exception. I am so going to get them in another color…

I gave my trusty Fitbit a break in favor of this cute bejeweled pink leather cuff that I received as a gift a few years back. Thanks Kim!


Thanks to my friend Sarah for taking these pictures! Love you!