Sanctuary Spring Fling Dress

This dress is yet another example of something I loved so much that I bought it in multiples. This color/pattern is no longer available, but Sanctuary offers this dress in a TON of other patterns. My top picks are Sunset Boho, Midnight Garden, Sun Bleached Tile, and Cameo Pink Sprout.

It has all the features I love – it’s comfortable, flattering, and fits me even if I go up a few pounds. I also really love that it has 2 layers. It lacks the ability to wear it with a standard bra, but I guess you can’t have everything.

To me it’s the perfect summer dress. It’s great for hot summer days, but you can also throw a leather jacket on top and poof, it’s ready for date night.

Every girl needs a good sun hat, no? I love Rag & Bone and would have loved to have bought this hat if I could swing it, but it is well outside of my price range. When I found this hat on clearance at Nordies I was stoked! It sold out quickly, but how cute are these options??

These wedges are from ages ago, but I would buy these, these (the tassel!!), and these if I needed a good neutral wedge for summer.

Sorry if this is picture overload, but the hubs and I found a place over by Lake San Marcos that offered a ridiculous amount of cute backdrops.

Sadly the Boathouse was closed when we stopped by, but I want to check it out. I am a sucker for eating by any body of water.

Is it just me or is the cutest bench ever? If I were criminally minded (don’t worry, I’m not!) I would steal this bench for my house.

What’s our favorite summer dress? Or are you more of a shorts person?

I love this last shot, but man does it remind me I need to even out my tan lines – sheesh! Do you struggle with athletic shoe tan issues too?

Byeeee! I hope you visit again soon!

Photo credit: Leo Amar

All Out Comfort Without Sacrificing Style

Like any other girl I have days when I just want to be as comfortable as possible. I very rarely sacrifice comfort for a cute look anyway, but certain times of the month (ahem) I want to basically live in my pj’s (you can probably relate!). In order to avoid looking like I actually am wearing pajamas I usually reach for my absolute favorite leggings, an oversized tee, and a plaid shirt.

If paying $50+ for leggings scares you (I get it, I thought that way at first too), keep in mind these are thick enough to avoid the dreaded VPL, they suck you in without being uncomfortable, and they are equally suited to working out and lounging. Tip: check Nordstromrack every so often, they usually have quite a few discounted Zella options. I am allergic to paying full price and I’ve scored some great deals there!

This plaid shirt is made by B.P. (Nordstrom’s junior line – nope, I am not ashamed to shop the juniors section in my 30’s) and no longer available, but if you have the budget for it PAIGE and Rails make awesome plaid button downsCaslon, Sanctuary, and American Eagle are my go-to’s as they are at a lower price point, but still high quality.

I discovered Free People’s 757 tee a few years ago and fell so hard for the style that I bought it in 5 (!!) colors when they went on sale. Sadly they are no longer widely available, but this one (70% off!) and this one (I have it in white and love it!) are also great options. This particular one was a Poshmark find – I’ve had such great luck finding items there that are out of stock at the major retailers.

It’s funny how often people tell me I’m “dressed up,” yet I’m wearing the most casual of outfits. Seriously, what’s more casual than jeans or leggings and a tee? I think they’re reacting to the fact that even my casual clothes have a little something special about them. I know myself well enough to realize that even my most basic clothes have to get me excited if I want to actually wear them. Do you find yourself returning to the same  favorite items over and over as well?

IMO the highest style achievement one can make is getting to the point where they enjoy wearing – and feel confident in – everything in their closet. I am proud to say I am finally there and it’s ah-mazing! How do you feel when you look in your closet? If you could use a little help developing your personal style or refining your wardrobe give me a shout in the comments. I’ve developed a workbook you might find helpful.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses 🙂

Photo credit: Leo Amar

B.P. Textured Stripe Slipdress and Nine West Platform Sandals

This dress was such a great find when I bought it last year, I was stoked to see it’s back in stock – in 3 colors this time! I think it’s a perfect LBD (little black dress). The fact that it has some texture to it, along with the lace trim and built in slip made it stand out from some of the other LBD’s out there. Plus, it’s super flattering!

I did size down as the reviews mentioned it fit on the big side and I’m glad I did. In B.P. I’d normally be a L, but the M in this fits great. The other colors are really nice and for the price (under $50) it’s tempting to buy another one!

I paired it with my Nine West Dempsey Sandals to give it a pop of color and I loved the overall look. These platform sandals are awesome!! They are quite walkable due to the platform and I am obsessed with the blue suede and the detail on the back. I want to wear them all the time! Some reviewers had an issue with the way they fit, but they actually worked quite well for me in my usual size.

I got this peacock feather pendant necklace from Forever21 a loong time ago and I wear it so much I had to superglue it back together at least once. I guess that’s to be expected with a necklace I paid less than $5 for!

I’ve never seen it come back in stock, but I did find this locket version on Etsy that I think is super cute! It’s pricier, but I like the idea of supporting artists or buying vintage over the cheap stuff. I’ve found some great stuff on Etsy that ended up being of great quality. Here’s a pretty close dupe that’s under $3!

I tend to run hot so I love a good kimono as a layer to throw on if it starts to get a bit nippy. This one is gorgeous! I find it works as well with a “fancy” outfit as it does with denim and a tee or tank.

Mine is a Nastygal purchase from a few years back and is no longer available, but this one is quite similar and here’s a cute option with fringe.I also found this one, which is insanely cheap, and looks exactly the same. I’ve never bought anything through so I can’t vouch for the quality, but it’s a steal at less than $7.

Sorry if this is picture overload, but now that my hubby/photog are getting the hang of this whole photography thing it’s been hard to edit down all the great pics we get!

It was super awkward posing for pics and then reviewing them at first – I’m no model for sure – but it’s becoming more and more fun! Over time I’m curated my closet to the point where I want to wear everything I own and I want to help others  get to that same place. It’s such a great feeling to look in my closet and feel like I have a ton of options!

On that topic, I’ve developed a digital workbook that can help one develop their own personal style and create the wardrobe they’ve always wanted over time. If you’re interested in doing that for yourself write me in the comments section and I can give you some more details.

What’s your favorite LBD?

Hugs! Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar