Sanctuary “Sydney” Dress

I’d had this dress on my Shoptagr list for a long time so I did not hesitate to snap it up when I got the notification that it went on sale. I LOVE the pattern and cut. It’s selling out in this color quickly, but they also offer it in “butterfly tomboy” and “prairie rose black” and both are really cute IMO.

I just wanted a lighter color dress as it feels so much more summery. I can see the darker versions being perfect for the renewed trend of wearing a spaghetti strap dress over a thin tee. Remember that from the 90’s and early 00’s? That’s fashion for you – everything comes back in style at some point!

The pattern makes me so happy! It’s just so cheerful and feminine – right up my alley. I think one could definitely get away with wearing this to a wedding. It is white, but the large floral print prevents it from looking like you’re trying to one up the bride. We would never! Right? ūüėČ

I’ve wanted a white patterned dress that’s easy to wear for a long time now and this fits the bill 100%! I really like the fact that it has one side slit. The “M slit” style (where it has a slit on each side and then a little strip of material in front) is super cute, but I already have a few with that feature and it can sometimes make me feel overexposed.

The single slit allows for a little more ease when walking and ups the saucy factor, yet doesn’t scream “sexy” like some double slit dresses do. Those certainly have their place, but I think the single slit makes this dress super versatile.

I wore this the other day with a pair of low heeled wedge sandals and it looked great, but I wanted to dress it up a bit for this post so I paired it with my awesome ankle strap heels (mine are sold out, but the black patent is still available). Just swap the heels for sandals and throw a denim jacket around your shoulders or waist and this dress goes from a little fancy to a cute everyday look.

Ok, now to the only downside – it wrinkles horribly! I sprayed it like crazy with Downy’s Wrinkle Releaser, which helped, but the second I sat down again the wrinkles came right back. I actually think I over-sprayed it because it grew and grew during the course of this shoot. All in all I say – still worth it!

How cute is this little pond BTW? It’s a few neighborhoods away from my place and there are ducks and turtles galore! They were all very sweet – the turtles came up to us right away. I think they were expecting to be fed. Sorry I didn’t come prepared guys!

What’s your favorite type of floral?

Thank you so much for visiting! Until next time my friends…XO

Photo credit: Sarah Jordan

Adding Some Color to My Life

Happy Friday loves!

I’ve been noticing that I wear a lot of muted colors and neutrals lately so when I saw this dress go on sale for $30 I grabbed it. Lord and Taylor was positively giving stuff away that day! The price has gone up a bit since then, but it’s still a great deal at $64 (half price!). It’s also available here and here (as low as $56.40, depending on the size).

I like how the pleats on this dress are limited to the front and back – you run the risk of looking bigger if there are too many or if they are wide. I tried it on with a thin gold belt I own and really liked it, I’ll probably add some gold ankle strap heels and a gold clutch for a dressier occasion.

Here’s a shorter, similar option by the same brand. I also want this one sooo bad! I’m all about the femininity of pleats right now. Though I have so many dresses now that I need to be really choosy going forward if I want to actually be able to fit all of my clothes into my closet. If it goes on super sale I might not be able to resist.

I love listening to audiobooks when I go for my daily walks and lately I’ve been listening to some books that I would have described as “out there” in years’ past. One talked about how colors give off different vibrational frequencies and this made me think about how my clothes make me feel.

I only buy clothes or accessories that make me feel confident, but I’d never really thought about anything beyond that before. But now that I think of it my energy level does feel a little different, depending on the colors I’m wearing.

If this sounds intriguing to you check out this article¬†for more info. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic in the comments!

Speaking of bright colors, I looove these pumps! I’ve mentioned them before, but they are worth mentioning again. They’re the perfect height (in my opinion), they’re very comfortable, and they’re offered in so many colors¬†(I also really like the dusty pink). They offer this red pump in wide widths here. I love adding a pop of color to my otherwise neutral outfits. They do a great job of jazzing things up a bit! Plus they are very affordable.

During the summer I’m all about clutches as I like to travel light. This one is old, but here’s a similar option that’s still available.

Which colors do you feel best wearing?

Thanks for visiting, hugs! Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Donna Morgan Maxi Dress

I’ve heard of Donna Morgan, but for some reason I thought she only made dresses for fancier occasions. When Kathleen from the blog¬†Carrie Bradshaw Lied¬†did a post on this dress (best price right now here, also available here and here¬†– all on sale!) I knew it had to be mine. If you haven’t visited her blog, I recommend you check it out. It’s great! Check out this Donna Morgan dress too, it could be a great formal option or even a wedding dress in white and it’s on major sale (the purple version is almost $200 off!).

It’s so flowy and girlie, I just love how it feels to wear it. It ended up being the perfect length for me with a small heel, so no need to hem it. Yay! I’m 5’7 and wearing a 10, but an 8 would probably have worked too, so I’d size down if you’re in between sizes.

Yet again I’m wearing my newish block heeled Aldo pumps that I got from DSW. I had no idea how much I’d wear these shoes, but I’m finding they go with everything – plus they are very comfortable. They are available in black too!

My choker is from F21. They have sooo many good ones for cheap prices right now! This one is a cute trendy option and this one is similar to mine, but a little more substantial.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know I’m all about versatility so I wanted to mention that you can also wear this dress under the arms – it’s helpful for avoiding weird tan lines if you’re in the sun all day.

Do you love maxi dresses as much as I do? Not only are they ultra feminine, but they are great for those days you just don’t feel like shaving!

Enjoy your day, I hope you come back soon! Muah! Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Midi T-Shirt Dress

Even though I have tons of dresses (I’m not gonna lie, I have a dress obsession), I still like to feel like my clothes are versatile. While the material of this dress is pretty thin and the overall vibe is pretty casual, I wanted to see if I could make it a bit fancier by adding some dressier accessories. I’m pretty happy with the result!

This clutch is an old buy from Loft and no longer available, but here’s a similar option that’s 50% off and available in 4 colors! This one is also really nice and likely higher quality (also on sale!). The collar necklace is also old, but here’s a look-a-like option that’s on sale. And here’s the gold plated (i.e. pricey) dup.

This dress is perfect for the summer months; it’s very lightweight, but not sheer, and it dries super fast. The material has an almost faux suede-like quality to it – it feels really nice to the touch.

Forever 21 is so dangerous! The prices can’t be beat of course, but have you seen their selection of summer dresses lately? I had to force myself to close my browser before I bought the whole lot. In case you’re in the market here are the ones that I would buy, if I could: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

A midi dress can sometimes be hard to pull off, especially when one is “vertically challenged,” but I do think that they can work for everyone. The key is to hem it if needed so it doesn’t go lower than mid calf and wear some shoes that offer a little extra height. Bonus leg lengthening points if the shoe is nude like these block heel pumps.

FYI In case you’re wondering what that line across my bust is I wore this dress to the dentist’s office before snapping these pics and I didn’t notice it until I started writing this post. Whoops! I’m not gonna say it’s slobber, but I won’t say it’s not either. Haha, it could have just been a mark from my crossbody bag too ūüėČ

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fab day!

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Matching vs. Coordinating

I have always had an obsession with making sure all of the colors within my outfits¬†match – and I’m not just talking about the main pieces. Back in my school days¬†I would¬†even make sure my undies and makeup matched. Yes, I know that’s super weird!

Thankfully I’ve relaxed a bit over time, but I still find myself hesitating to put together an outfit if the colors don’t match exactly. When I added my orangey-red pumps¬†this outfit I thought to myself, “but there’s no red in my kimono!” before I threw caution to the wind (heh) and went for it. Am I the only one who does this? I’m glad I did as I really liked this look.

I bought them from Macy’s as I had a gift card, but I noticed that¬†you can get them as cheap as $25 from Bluefly¬†with free shipping and $15 from Amazon, depending on the size. I even think they are a great deal at the regular price of $70. They are real suede, they come in multiple colors, they fit my wide feet in my usual size, and the heel height is¬†great IMO.

Kimonos are an awesome layer for those days when it’s not quite cool enough for a sweater or jacket or to throw on over a swim¬†suit (stay tuned for a future post doing just that). And I LOVE the fringe on this one! The sizing is generous due to the flowy fit so I could have probably made any of the sizes work, but I went with a M. FYI it also comes in a red version.

The most common way to wear a kimono seems to be over some kind of denim, but I liked how pairing it with these sateen X jeggings¬†(currently on clearance, some sizes are still left) elevated the outfit a bit. They feel sumptuous! I’m rarely never accused of being too casual. ūüėȬ†Side note, American Eagle¬†is having a¬†40% off sale on their new collection and BOGO 50% off for all jeans stores and online. Woot!

Sorry for the crazy hair, it felt like I was in a wind tunnel during this shoot. Grr.

I have worn this ivory¬†camisole from Loft so much. My basics get a lot of use, so I try to buy stuff that’s of reasonably high quality. This one is old and no longer available, but I’ve listed some similar options from¬†here and here.

Express is also having a sale today – 40% off and free shipping on $50! How cute is this black lace cami? I’d so buy that one if my husband wouldn’t kill me for it.

I am so into this mix and match charm necklace¬†from INC. You just buy a full necklace and then you can buy as many additional pedants as you want¬†so you can mix it up to your heart’s desire. What a clever idea! I wear it often and already have 5 pendants to choose from.

Yet again I’ve paired this outfit with my Vince Camuto “Ayla” saddlebag. More colors here. I wear it constantly and it still looks brand new! I love bags with a little shape. The ones I own that are unstructured just never seem to make the cut when I’m putting my outfits together.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings – or just checking out my pics. I hope you come back soon!

Have a great week! Xoxo, Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar