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Leave it to this girl to say that I’m over clothes shopping – only to become obsessed with this little beauty. When I saw this dress on Meggan from Somewhere, Lately it was like divine timing. She wore it as a non-maternity maternity dress – so I knew it would be flattering 😉

One of my fav things about this dress – and there are many – is the shape of the hem. It’s shorter on the sides and longer in the front and back. Genius for avoiding wardrobe malfunctions!

I was about to pull the trigger and purchase some basic tank tops from H&M online as mine have gotten a little worse for the wear (H&M makes AWESOME basics) so I had to grab this dress as well. It’s only $25 full price! I figured I’d show you a dressier take on it since Meggan did a cute and causal look.

There are 4 colors and still some sizes available in each. And here are a bunch of other H&M dresses to grab before they are gone (1, 2, 3, 4)!

Sadly many amazing pieces from H&M sell out super fast, but this “French Quarter Wrap Mini Dress” by Free People is another fabulous option. In fact, I just added the mint color to my Shoptagr list. I’m hoping to snag it for crazy cheap as soon as it goes on sale 🙂 I also have my eye on this one. I cannot resist a comfy maxi!

My clutch is now on sale for under $18!! It’s the perfect evening clutch as it goes with everything. And this one and this one from the last act/clearance section are sooo good too!

I know I am probably overdoing it with these heels, but man – they are the comfiest heels I have ever put on! I might never wear another pair of heels again!

Speaking of divine timing, I’ve been noticing that everything I do lately seems to be crazy well-timed. Like last night; I felt the urge to check on my pie (which was yuuum btw) and right when I stepped in the kitchen the timer dinged.

That kind of thing keeps happening lately and it really does make me feel like I’m in tune with the universe or something. Do you ever notice stuff like that? It’s pretty groovy if you ask me!

Ok, I guess that’s enough crazy talk for today. Have a great one my loves!

XO, Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar

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