The Perfect Maxi Dress // Get it While It’s Dirt Cheap

Hello my loves! This dress is on sale right now for a steal (60% off!) so I had to let y’all know before they all sell out.  I highly recommend it in any of the colors as it is crazy comfy, flattering, looks great layered – hello fall! – and best of all, you likely won’t need to wear a bra!

The “gold” version is gorgeous too, but sadly it’s sold out in most sizes at Macy’s. Luckily you can still get it from here (just not as great of a price).But hey, try putting it on your Shoptagr list and if it does go on sale you’ll be the first to know!

Please excuse the not-so-great/blurry pictures, we tried a new setting on my camera due to the cloudy day. Sadly none of the shots really came out right. Learning experience!

Funny side note: I wore this to a concert not too long ago saw another girl wearing it in white. It’s popular for a reason!

If you take advantage of this deal I’d love to hear if you love it as much as I do! Ok, I’m off to buy it in black 😉

Much love,


Photo credit: Leo Amar

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