Can’t Get Enough Pink

I’ve always resisted what people thought I should like. For example, as a kid I was “supposed” to like pink because I was a girl. I felt like I had to  dislike it just to prove them wrong. Now I’m mature enough to embrace the fact that I LOVE PINK. It makes me happy and that’s all that’s really important.

More and more I’m living life by feeling my way through. If it feels good, I do it. If not, I (usually) try something else. It may seem overly simple, but I argue that we make life way more complicated than it has to be. Of course, there is something to be said for life’s engaging dramas and doing things we don’t like since it helps us clarify what we do like. So this is just my motto, I’m certainly not saying it’s right for everyone. But man has it enriched my life.

Now that I’ve gotten out my deep thought for the day, on to my outfit! This bag was such a nice surprise. I’d never heard of Chic Wishlist so when I got an offer to snag this bag at a very steep discount I hesitated but eventually pulled the trigger. I’ve wanted a pink or blush bag for so long, but for some reason I never found one that I thought was purchase-worthy.

I buy almost everything online these days, but I rely heavily on past experience with a brand and online reviews. This brand provided neither so I was a little unsure what the bag would actually be like when it got to me.

It’s not leather, rather it’s listed as being primarily “silica gel” and I didn’t really know what that meant. It also doesn’t have a lining and it’s pretty darn expensive. Normally I’d pass on it for those reasons, but this bag actually rocks!

It feels and looks sumptuous and I don’t miss the lining one bit. It’s a great size and it just looks classy to me. If you balk at the price tag I totally understand. Here’s a code to get a discount of 70%: SaveOnWishList. Seems a lot more reasonable now, eh?

This brand offers some really fun and fashion forward items. Just keep in mind that everything ships from China, so the delivery can take a little while. I’m seriously eyeing their faux fur jackets. I’d love to hear if you’ve ever tried this brand yourself in the comments!

I considered a lot of different pairings for this bag, but I ultimately went with my fabulous pink trench and I love the result. Is it just me or does this ensemble look expensive? I did a post on this chic trench in the past here and I still love it!

The reviewers are right, it’s not a typical trench coat in that it’s not rain resistant and it is lightweight, so it might be more appropriate to call it a “topper.” It’s actually perfect for the Socal weather and while the fabric does wrinkle easily, the wrinkles also fall out pretty easily when it hangs. The faux leather details are an awesome touch and it’s on sale!

I cheated a little with this look as it was pretty hot when we shot these pics, but I’m already feeling the fall vibes. So many people on social media are lamenting the end of summer and meanwhile I’m like when the heck is it going to feel like fall around here?! I can’t wait to pull out my boots. Lol, the grass is always greener eh?

This white dress is an old purchase from Nasty Gal, but I found a very similar dress at NordstromRack for under $45 (there are more colors available too)! Isn’t the scalloping at the bust adorable? Every girl needs at least one fit and flare dress in her closet!

With all the pink in this outfit I thought a nude shoe would be best and my Sam Edelmans fit the bill perfectly. My particular style is sold out, but the “Hazel” is a cult favorite and very similar. I was just at DSW yesterday and I am always impressed by how many great shoes they have from this brand. Why would anyone ever pay full price?

My hubby is so wonderful to be willing to be my part time photographer. The only downside is that he’s not quite as detail oriented as I am. Case in point – all the pics we got with the bag flipped the wrong way, haha! Oh well. I’m just happy he’s so supportive. Thank you babe!!

What’s your favorite color to wear?

Have a wonderful day and stay true to you! Muah! Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar

Blush Trench

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

Today I want to share a trench I just bought and confess something – I broke my no shopping (with my own money) streak. I don’t feel all that bad about it…tho maybe I should? I made it about 2 months, which is really pretty good for me, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself. Hey, at least I tried!

This beautiful trench coat is what drove me off the rails. I spotted it (on sale) on Nordstrom’s website and knew it had to be mine. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Badgley Mischka has a more affordable brand called Belle – as I would never spend that kind of money on clothes. FYI it’s still on sale in 3 colors in some sizes! The fabric feels luxurious and and I really like how it’s an ideal mix between structured and flowy.

I often carry a scarf with me when I go out as you never know when it will come in handy to keep you warm and it’s a great accessory to change/spice up an outfit.

These are one of my very favorite pairs of jeans (old, similar here). I love the mid rise, so flattering! I’ve tried the fancy brands yet Old Navy and American Eagle remain my go-to stores for denim. When I was getting the link for these jeans I saw Old Navy has a great sale going on for today only! Free shipping on all orders, 30% off – no code needed – and ALL jeans are on sale!! I just bought the jeans in the link above for $18 – no joke!

It’s very “fashiony” to scrunch one’s sleeves and I like it because I run hot most of the time and it’s just plain functional. What about you, are you a scruncher? I have noticed that it works best with real leather jackets or when you roll the cuffs a bit (sloppy looks best IMO). It’s super irritating to have to keep pushing them up, no?

It was a super windy day and it started to rain right as we were wrapping up, so please forgive the messy hair. It started out looking good I swear! lol

Until next time…

Photo credit: Sarah Jordan