Pleated Midi // Trying New Things

First things first, I love this outfit. That being said, holy boobs! I knew I was taking myself out of my comfort zone when I decided to leave the house in this low cut look, but I really underestimated how revealing this dress would be when left unsnapped.

*BTW, this trench is no longer offered in pink, but they have other 5 awesome colors and they all are only $70 right now (60% discount!)! The faux leather details are such a luxe touch.

Knowing from experience that everything new feels a little weird at first (like getting used to seeing myself with lipstick, it was so weird in the beginning and now I feel somewhat naked without it!) I figured a little bit of bra peeking out a la Carrie Bradshaw could be a good thing.

In my mirror at home this ensemble looked a little daring and I thought the pop of my pink bra underneath the dress would just add a little visual interest. Now that I’ve had a chance to see this look from multiple angles – and move around more – I am 100% sure I will not leave the house with this much boob exposed going forward. Live and learn right?!

I try oh-so very hard to be body positive as I am profoundly grateful for my healthy body. Unfortunately, this boobylicious look ended up working against me – I think the exposed girls actually make me look bigger than I am.  The tan lines definitely don’t help either.

Like the other dress by this brand that I shared in my last post, the snap on the bust just wouldn’t close so I let it be. At least now I know it’s a bit too much left open so I’ll just have a seamstress adjust where the little button closure sits. Et voila! No more worries of wardrobe malfunctions 😉 But for anyone that saw me that day, you’re welcome! Haha

From the online reviews it did seem like ladies of all bust sizes struggled with the snap being a little off in its placement so here are some other options that have a little more coverage – no snap required (1, 2, 3).

Remember – fashion is supposed to be fun. So don’t be afraid to play around a bit!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsh

Well, that’s probably enough for today. Happy 2019 (!!) and please come back and see me again soon! Also feel free to leave me a comment or send me a message if there’s something you’d like me to do a post about, I’m open!

Much love!!


Photo credit: Sarah Jordan