Easy Summer Look // Mimi Chica

I actually took these photos quite a while ago, but this dress never came online until now. I’m so glad it did because OMG this has become my absolute favorite so of course I wanted to share it with y’all!

Let me explain why this dress is SO good: First, it is crazy soft! I will admit this has served as my PJ’s quite a few times and it is also the perfect road trip/post bike ride dress. Since it just sips over your head it has no zippers or (working) buttons to mess with. However, the decorative buttons have a nice slimming effect – as does the subtle chevron stripe pattern.

It’s just so easy to wear and keeps you cool on a hot day, plus I’ve found it looks pretty good without a bra, which is nice when you just want to lounge around the house – but still look great of course 😉

I don’t think this dress looks quite as good online as it does in person – perhaps due to the moiré effect, where lines on screen can look like they’re moving (have you ever heard of this phenomenon?). Hope I didn’t make you too dizzy!

I had a conversation with a friend just yesterday (hey Belen!) about cost per wear and I realized I’ve never touched on this in le blog.  I first heard about this concept from What Not to Wear and it’s been invaluable to me. The idea is to take the cost of the item and divide it by how often you estimate you’ll wear it.

For example, I bought this beauty in store on impulse and at $44 it was certainly not crazy expensive, but it wasn’t on “my list” of things I would like to buy. So I had to think this one through a bit. These days clothes don’t tend to last decades, but I figured I would wear it 20 times – at the very least.

That means the cost per wear for this dress is $2.20 per wear. Contrast that with a pricier item (e.g. a Free People dress I bought for $80 and have worn about 5 times, $16 cost per wear). You can see how it kind of levels the playing field – similar to the cost per unit numbers you’ll see on grocery store shelves. Now I know I will for sure surpass 20 wears so I’m feeling really good about this buy.

Sometimes I’m OK with a higher coast per wear, if it’s something that makes me feel amazing. It just depends, but this is a great way to evaluate the worth of something you’re considering buying. Does this make sense to you? Do you ever do this or am I just waay too into clothes? Haha!

I can’t stop wearing this hat btw – I’ve been bringing it with me to the beach for ample shade and throwing it on whenever I’ll be out in the sun for a while. It’s seriously perfection! Just don’t get it wet as it is made of straw and can lose some of its shape. I did this myself (oops!) and was able to get it looking good again by re-wetting it and placing a heavy item on the brim while it dried. Good as new!

FYI I also found this dress by the same brand and I want it too!

We all have things we wear pretty much all the time, what’s yours?

Much love, Kate

Photo credit: Leo Amar