Free People Babydoll

Is it possible to have too many Free People dresses? Based on my closet I’d have to say no way!

I have been tempted to buy some FP knockoffs at times (just search “boho” at and you’ll see what I mean), but I find that FP dresses have the extra little details that I really love.

Take this dress for example, I love the braided detail and the fact that it is fully lined. Plus the material is really nice – I find I gravitate toward the items in my closet that just feel good on. Is that true for you too? I’ve had this dress for a while, so it’s sold out in yellow, but it’s still available in ivory and black in Medium (65% off and under $40!). Ebay also has both colors in additional sizes available. I also have the red version and I love that one too!

We took these pics on the way home from my dad’s birthday brunch and we were a little rushed, so unfortunately we didn’t get any good pictures of the back. It probably looks best on smaller busted ladies who can get away with wearing no bra or a bralette, but this lady needs support! Since I have to wear a bra with it I just make sure it’s a pretty/complimentary color so it looks intentional.

I paired it with my vintage Coach purse that I got from It’s a classic and still in great shape. I have a feeling I’ll buy more vintage/used higher end bags in the future. In addition to PM, you can find designer used bags at and to name a few. It can save a bundle!

It’s tempting to throw a jean jacket over all of my daytime dresses, but I liked the way this looked with my American Rag jacket. It’s from a few seasons ago and sold old, but the new versions are here and here. I’m impressed by the quality for the price!

Again, I find that it’s the little details that make this jacket stand out. The drawstring at the waist offers some shape, the hood is actually functional, and the shoulder detail is super cute.

My shoes are also old and no longer available, but I’ve linked some similar-ish options here (love these!!) and here (I want these too!).

Thanks for visiting!! Xoxo, Kate

Photo credit: (Leo Amar)